1555: How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness While You Travel

10 thoughts on “1555: How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness While You Travel

  1. I wish I was a traveling businessman so this would help me a little bit more but it has already helped a lot because I will be using a lot of this info on every vacation I go on 😎

  2. I’d love to see a talk about common diseases people have that makes weightlifting difficult and possible solutions. Example. I personally have T1 diabetes and weightlifting is great for that (which that has been spoken of before) however, I also have ADD and my medication suppresses my appetite.

    Ive been focusing on getting bigger and healthier the last couple months. Track my meals, count protein and calories, do full body “big 5” 3 days a week with trigger exercises the other 3. But calories are really a struggle on days i have to take my ADD meds, but they are also what kickstarted me having the energy to actually commit to changing my body from skinny fat into something that I like. I’m definitely getting stronger and I know actual size takes time but I want to make sure I’m being as effective as I can. Protein is not a problem but calories its hard to top 2500 a day.

    That being said Thank you all for so many videos and information it has really helped me make better practices both in developing the habit of working out, as well as the actual workouts themselves. In just a couple months time i just FEEL so much better it’s almost life changing with that alone. Thanks guys!

  3. It is like a finger, pointing the way to the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory.

  4. I used to weigh 308, got down to 172. Since quarantine im up around 190 and use your channel as a reliable place to get fitness and nutrition advice. Keep doing what you do and making a difference.

  5. Perfect timing. Our family is on vacation and we just did our first workout in the resort gym. It isn’t the ideal set up, but we made it work! We rented a house so we could cook our meals and stay on track nutritionally for most of our meals. But I’m curious if vacation drinks count??? I say no!😎

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