51 thoughts on “An easy guide to EPIC salads » + 3 recipes

  1. Something I wish one of these vegan YouTube channels would do is pick a single ingredient and show us how much could be done with it


    Sweet Potato

  2. Fun fact—Couscous is actually a pasta, not a grain! 😉
    But anywayssss such an incredible video as always ahhhh!!!🥰🥰

  3. Wow, I fell in love with your recipes, I love your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge for a healthy diet! 💪🏼👏🏼 Greetings from Uruguay. 🇺🇾 You look beautiful!!! 💗

  4. Thanks for this video – I keep on going back to this to check out your salad recipes (so good) and your linked home-made recipes!

  5. Absolutly LOVE your channel.
    If you ever come to Israel you will love it here, hummus is cheap and everywhere and there’s an abundance of spices, seeds so accesible.
    You have to let me know as well😍🤗🌼

  6. I wish we saw vegans like her on media more… and not those psychos who slowly starve themselves to death on an extreme and unbalanced diet, while selling to impressionable people weird juice cleanses.

  7. hey, i know that cooking youtubers want things to look aethetic but it would be really cool if you could show that parchment paper can be reused several times before it gets thrown away (as it it not that easy to recycle)

  8. could you make this couscous on a sunday and take it to work between monday – friday and eat it cold?

  9. Totally agree about the formula and crunch factor. BTW, I also tried breads crumbs, slightly preheated with a bit of butter (no vegan, sorry), but oil can be equally as good here – it gives a very tasty crunch, in case you want a change from croutons or simply have no time to bake them. I love salads!

  10. Love your recipe looks delicious just one thing couscous is a pasta not a grain. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WONDERFUL RECIPE 😊❤

  11. Please, Please PLEASE 🙏
    DO NOT USE VEGAN MAYO that’s Made with CANOLA OIL!!!
    Canola Oil is a PESTICIDE!!!
    It’ll wreak Havoc in you Intestines ruin your micro/macro Flora and CLOG UP YOUR ARTERIES.
    No one should Ever Use CANOLA OIL EVER!
    Everyone Please research, this and you will save yourselves from the CANOLA OIL DECEPTION!
    LOVE ~💚~
    PLEASE SHARE THIS and Help Spread the Word! Healthy Food,, Healthy People, Healthy Life!

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