53 thoughts on “4 Simple Vegan Meals I Eat All The Time – which you HAVE to try

  1. To those who are saying Gaz’s recipes look too fancy, complex or expensive. I’m a broke uni student and I use so many of his recipes for meal prep. The majority of the recipes that I have in rotation come from this channel. They are not that expensive and a lot of ingredients aren’t just a one time purchase. You buy a tub of miso, it lasts forever…also if you go to Asian supermarkets, a lot of this stuff is a lot cheaper than in regular supermarkets. You can also substitute a lot of things. There are a few steps but you don’t have to be super precise and they really are quite basic recipes. Give them a go! You may surprise yourself.

    1. @Girl Happy First, I want to say, I love this channel. However, I get what you’re saying 100%. I’m a new vegan and it can be expensive. Sadly, healthy whole foods are expensive. This is in general, even really basic dishes on other channels. 🙂👍

    2. lentils is expensive? No. Sorry your post is pointless. Who says those dishes are expensive? I don’t see such commenst :xd

    3. @Meg I’ve been following Gaz for awhile and I have seen comments here and there. As for calling my post pointless, I also addressed the fact that people say they are fancy and complex- which there are definitely comments on this video as well as others. If you scroll through these comments, you will also see somebody accusing me of being a rich kid if I don’t find his recipes expensive. So if anybody is posting a pointless comment- it is probably you.

  2. i just want to add that lentils are very dirty, so an advice from me is to wash it better water cleans up, because i see here water still not so clean. it affects the taste 100 procent 🙂 more one for me is using clean water, because pot water had some chemicals to be cleaned up, and that affects too the taste ( health also) 🙂 . + one last, if you put your greens at the end they are gonna be more alive, and still have more good minerals and vitamins ( vitamins are very sensitive and diy faster, in hot water easily)

  3. how come no comments on the food?..tried the ancient grain stew….first of all 25-35 min on simmer, i don tthink so….taste wise, thumbs down

  4. These are full of flavors and totally delicious meals. Every bite is bursting with flavour and fresh enough for a perfect summer meal. Definitely, a very nice tips and I will surely try all these! Beautiful! 😍😍😍 Oh btw, I’m making a Piri piri One Tray Bake now! 😘

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  6. FUN, mouth-watering presentation. I’m SO glad I found your channel. New sub. Thank you. Wait, I just finished watching the last recipe. I take back what I said. It is PAINFUL to watch this!! My mouth won’t stop watering. It’s very fun having your crew with you in the video. Blessings and abundance to you friend. Thank you again 😀

  7. The meatballs look fantastic but I wonder how spicy the dish is. I’m not a fan of super spicy food.

  8. Wow, soo delicious! I never knew how to make good meatballs until I found this healthy recipe. I can’t wait to try it! Beautiful 😍

  9. Everything looks delish, but where I live, many of those ingredients are unavailable. I also don’t have time to prepare them. You make it look easy, but I was confused most of the time. Some of the stuff, I’ve not heard of. So, I’m looking for taste, nutrician AND simplicity. But I’d eat at your house or restaurant anytime. Yummy.

  10. Makes me feel better to see another person who doesn’t like to be touched lol. Physical touch is most definitely NOT my love language lol

  11. I have just finished maked the Vietnamese “meatballs”. They are no doubt delicious, and I am an experienced cook but it took THREE HOURS to make them and clean up the kitchen afterwards. It is tasty but for fck sake, don’t label it as easy! You make people think this is some quick fix stuff that they can make in 20 minutes on a weekday evening…

  12. I tried the Ancient grain stew and it was very tasty! I added crushed avocado with the hummus though – veryyy good.

  13. Just attempted at making the meat balls and I’m very disappointed in the taste. I followed the exact recipe. I’ve tried other dishes by him and loved them. So sad I didn’t like this one…

  14. These look amazing and super-doable, which is great. I’m trying to help my partner and his sister along with myself make some dietary changes and switch to a more vegan-centric way of eating.

    I know Gaz mentioned that the meatballs freeze well, but do the rest also keep well? I was hoping to do a meal prep of all these – anyone have experience in packing the remainders away?

  15. My doctor has told me to explore plant base recipes due to bloating so it’s all really new to me,I made my first curry yesterday which I really enjoyed although I was hungry around 9pm so need snacks so I don’t dip into toast lol ☺

  16. Made the Mac n Cheese for dinner. It was very filling. Everyone absolutely loved it. This is a fantastic recipe, thank you. Everytime I watch your channel I want to cook 👍

  17. Love watching your videos Gaz, you and the crew do a bang up job. I learn new recipes, which are delish!!! and you make me laugh.

  18. I just made the Thai meatball dish OMG I want to cry it’s so good! I’ve been struggling to find something to cook.

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