52 thoughts on “Everything I Ate this Week (tasty, realistic vegan meals)

  1. Hey thanks for being here watching this! Also thanks to NordVPN for being today’s sponsor! Go to or use code minarome to get a 2-year plan with a huge discount plus 1 additional month for free ✨

  2. I’m not vegan, but I’m gluten free and dairy free bc of allergies. Eating healthy is difficult sometimes when I’m bored of salads so watching this inspires me to get creative in different ways and plus I can eat most of the recipes as well! I love watching these!

  3. Hey, instead of a waveboard, you could try a surfskate. It’s kind of a mix between a waveboard and a longboard. Idk how to describe it better 😀

  4. Hey Mina, may I ask what kind of protein powder you use? I could use some recommendations 😀

  5. Those are not croissant but pain au chocolat, same thing but with chocolate and the shape is different so the chocolate is well place in it.

  6. When I have leftover pizza, I usually heat it up in a skillet with a lid so it is crispy in the bottom and nice and warm. You can also add a small splash of water and put the lid on so it heats up evenly. If your laziness is stronger than all of this, just eat it cold(I also do that)

  7. I decided to be vegan for a month and your helping so much. I’m so happy I found your channel. Tomorrow is my first day 🙂

  8. What’s this “left-over pizza” you were referring to …? 🙂 But these are wonderful recipes! Love from Prenzlauer Berg x

  9. Holy guacamole am I jelly of how much you can eat 😀 if I ate that, I’d prolly gain 5 kilograms that week 😀 dat hypothyroid lyfe T_T 😀 love the recipe ideas and definitely trying out some

  10. the rice filled vine leaf in 14:35 it’s called ntolmadakia, people in Greece and Turkey love them

  11. Although I’m not vegan, I love these videos bc they give me ideas to incorporate more meatless meals and snacks into my rotation!! They all look so good 😭🤚🏻

  12. you are practically rich off of youtube and still didn’t get a nutribullet to make a smoothie in. sus :))

  13. Just a fun fact, lime juice doesn’t detox your body, like at all. So if you like drinking it and you enjoy it, by all means keep drinking it. But if you hate it and just drink it for the “detoxing” just know it does absolutely nothing. Your kidneys and liver are here to “detox” so don’t bother with lime for that purpose 😅

  14. This looks amazing. It has inspired me to create a video showing 3 meals in a day but Latin Vegan version!

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