53 thoughts on “My favorite no-bake vegan dessert!

  1. Please use organic oats! Regular oats contain glyphosate, aka Roundup- a known carcinogen.

  2. Hi thanks for video :). Wondering can you substitute oat flour for almond flour ? We don’t consume oats. Thanks again !

  3. Good but way too sweet. Would cut back on the dates and use 1/2 amount of maple syrup. Used unsweetened organic peanut butter as I’m not a tahini fan. Tasted nothing like a Snickers bar. But it satisfies the occasional sweet tooth. You just can’t eat more than a couple of bites.

  4. Well, tahini HAS oil… like peanut butter or any other nut/seed butter out there. So you can just add directly some oil, it’s not gonna make it less healthy, especially if you add high quality olive oil or coconut oil!

  5. I’ve made these before. They are surprisingly easy. I’m making them again today to bring them to a friends house tonight.

  6. First time I actually made a recipe i found on youtube 🙂 was so delicious, perfect for my sweet tooth cravings !

  7. As soon as she said vegan chocolate chips I thought of the vegan teacher 🥲 my brain be like that tho

  8. I am in love ❤❤
    Gotta make these delectable + delicious looking vegan. . Not too difficult to make, either . .thank you

  9. I made them.. they are so yummy!! I didn’t have tahini tahini so I used just peanut butter and added chia seeds for extra nutrients.. DELICIOUS 🤤

  10. I tried this to the letter and it was too crumbly. I could not get it to look like the video. I added more tahini and then added some more syrup for it to come together and it still didn’t but it was wet enough to add to the loaf pan.

    1. The only difference was I used ‘chopped dates” not whole pitted dates. Maybe that was the reason? Would love any feedback.

  11. I made these today, and it’s a pretty solid snack/dessert. The chocolate-sesame-coconut combo is lovely! Many thanks for the recipe.

  12. I’m not vegan
    but I my family eats extremely heathly and likes eating healthy
    plus I love making desserts so this is perfect 😀

  13. I am not vegan (just interested in a more plant-based diet) but honestly these chocolate cookie dough bars are my favourite dessert! Since discovering your recipe for them I have been making them very frequently…also passed the recipe on to my best friends…we all LOVE them! Thank you so much for all the inspiration on your channel!!! 🙂

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