50 thoughts on “What An Amateur Vegan, Vegan Home Cook, & Professional Vegan Chef Eat In A Day

  1. Eeek, waaayyyyy too much oil/fake cheese/vegan butter in these recipes. No wonder they were so good and tasty. But really, not heart healthy. Skip the oils, your body doesn’t need that much.

  2. Mock meats are nothing to be ashamed of eating, it’s a difficult transition from eating meat too being plant based. The mock meats are a good way of easing your way into the new lifestyle. Idk why a lot of people hate on it. I was a big meat eater, I always loved my steak rare/medium rare and hamburgers with pink in the middle. I’m vegetarian now because I couldn’t stand eating animals anymore because of how much i love them. Someday I will transition into veganism. But I always think mock meats will make their way into my fridge haha

  3. Good way to show how people can start off using a lot of processed alternatives and move toward making their own food without so much processed add-ins.

  4. The home cooking ppl did good on all of their meals but the chef took it hm at dinner. I gotta try that.

  5. In India, you can be vegan/vegetarian without even trying.
    Also, veg food in India tastes better and costs lower than its non-veg counterparts

  6. Mock meat is better when you make it yourself alot of vegan food is still processed that why I make my own from scratch pea protein flour chickpea flour wheat gluten I know exactly what I’m eating. That being said I am more buy vegetable and create my meals 😁😁😁😁😁😁 processed food is still processed food with vegan in the front

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  8. am i the only one that’s kind of mad she didn’t let the onions caramellize? you’re missing out on so much flavour that’s literally right there if you’d just let it cook down for a few more minutes

  9. I’ve been vegan for 3 years and I never need to cook that much. If I cooked 3 meals a day that complicated I would barely have time for other things. Normally I just cook once a day and the rest of the time I eat Whole Foods deli meals, snacks, and raw fruits and vegetables.

  10. Transitioning to vegan is not an easy process especially if you’ve been eating unhealthy your entire life. I’m pretty sure he’ll get better with time.

  11. Ok girl, don’t emphasizes the word ‘vegan’ for all of your meals. We know that they are vegan.
    I hate when people do that all the time. 😒

  12. So..basically a bunch of food replicating eggs, cheese, and meat. We are meant to eat the real thing, thats why you vegans are constantly recreating it. You’re going to end up depressed about it, craving real eggs, meat and cheese. I was vegan 5 years, and the best thing I ever did for myself was STOP. veganism isn’t sustainable, practical, or healthy long term. Fake eggs and cheese..you think that’s healthier than eating the real thing. You can replicate these non vegan foods all day long, but its not ever going to compare in flavor and nutritional value to the real thing. Ever.

  13. Mock meat and plant based alternatives are great tools for new vegans to transition their palettes. It’s hard going from a society full of animal products to a fully plant based diet. I agree they aren’t the healthiest or cost effective options, but there are no animals harmed in the making of them. Also some people only want to make 1 or 2 changes. Not everyone wants to be a vegan. It’s a spectrum really

  14. Chef Brando for the win! Tons of loaded flavors with his meals. Omgosh I want to make like all of his recipes.

  15. You can tell the armature vegan has only been vegan for a short time because his jaw bone hasn’t wasted away like the long term vegan’s…quit before it’s too late

  16. These meals look so good to me. I do use the processed products along with more whole food products. I like to make jackfruit tuna instead of egg salad. I use lemon Mayo or garlic aoli as spreads for sausage egg sandwich w/ arugula & spinach mix. Also vegan potato rolls or vegan croissants work well, too.

  17. I never clicked so fast! The guy on the thumbnail is the spitting image of my friend Patrick who passes a few years ago. Wow.

  18. I love this! I need more from the more experienced chef because I absolutely hate meat alternatives although I’m transitioning. I’d rather just go cold turkey. They are awful!

  19. does anyone know the rough measurments for the vegan egg salad sammy? I think my kids would like this one

  20. The chef tries to make it all sound fancy but really his stuff is really not exciting. Home cook all the way

  21. how much time do these people have in the morning lol. I dont have time get roasting and ovenbaking and blending in the morning. porrigde with frozen berries and im good to go

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