52 thoughts on “Crazy Vegan ‘Fish’ Recipes

  1. I loved the last scene with you and your team, backs to the camera, sitting on the grass with the glorious sea before you, hoodies on, and you congratulating them for their work, as they tucked into your fabulous cooking! It was very touching. I felt like I was watching high cinematography! BUT NO, it was a real tender moment of authenticity!

  2. New sub bought both books for my daughter she’s a lazy vegan meaning she don’t like to cook lord help me 😭😭 she need u as a friend. im a vegetarian but love your channel

  3. Hey, does anyone know how you can find out if a certain wine is vegan? It usually doesn’t say on the bottle.

  4. I’ve learned so much from you. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for food and for making vegan food exciting. I own both books have tried several recipes and they are amazing. Thank you thank you!!!!!

  5. Ok I had to come back and comment again. Gaz, I prepared the king oyster mushrooms scallops but with spinach and I AM IN LOVE. Thank you so much, next up the vegan seafood patties. Oh and the 2 cookbooks of yours I have are amazing. Can’t wait to get them all 🧡💎

  6. King shit !!!!! High key jelllyyy😂love your videos cuz. Keep up the healthy to be wealthy lifestyle man. Love

  7. This video is sublime! I live in an area of the UK that is frankly a gastronomic desert, so I sadly have to resort to online shopping a lot, but there’s so much I CAN get hold of, this all looks lush! Incidentally, Gaz, darling, the mix is a marinaDe, but you marinaTe the food (in this case, the watermelon) in it… Huh, English language, eh? Lovely recipes, definitely going for the books!! I gave one away to my brother. looks like I will be investing in a replacement, and more!

  8. Wondering, when I often see you cook with wine, if you’re aware that some wines are not vegan? Thought it might be worth the general public announcement. I was surprised, myself. 🙂 Some wines contain “fining agents” which are animal products. Apparently there is a site or app called Barnivore, where one can find out which ones. I’ve yet to check it out. 🙂

    1. he pointed out that the white wine he used was vegan. luckily its a bit easier in the UK to buy vegan wine nowadays since a few supermarkets and wine stores label a few vegan and non-vegan wines more clearly.

  9. more than 400 million persons in world.. it is caused herpes Virus please don’t be discouraged message Dr Alamale on YouTube channel

  10. You have inspired me to make my own cookbook with family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation from my family that immigrated here four generations ago from Italy. Do you have any suggestions on where to go to have it printed and designed by myself that is inexpensive so I can keep the cost down for customers. Any information would be great thank you so much. I absolutely love your creativity and your video are amazing to watch. 🥰

  11. Thanks for the recipes Gaz, they look amazing 😊
    And low key in love with Ollie…😏 he is awesome 😋

  12. I made the watermelon tuna tonight and WOW, super impressed! It’s not just the only tuna that’s dolphin-safe, it’s also ocean-safe! The texture and flavor is mindblowing. I’m definitely going to make this when I want to impress a bunch of people.

  13. I like that he rolls up with his entourage in puffy jackets and shit and just throws down cooking on a cliff by the sea. Big mood!

  14. One of the best dishes I’ve ever had was a salad that I special ordered at a steakhouse when my in-laws took us there DESPITE knowing that we’re vegan. The chef took pity on us and cooked us up a salad of perfectly ripened tomatoes cut up in nice sized chunks, watermelon, and a balsamic reduction. Watermelon goes REALLY nicely with savory stuff and acidity.

  15. Been binge watching your videos and came across Plants Only Kitchen at the bookstore this morning.. it was their last copy so I took it as a sign and snatched it up 😂❤️ but what to start with.. 🤔

  16. I have made your watermelon “tuna” recipe in your original video and it was SOOO good! My husband still mentions it.

  17. imagine him just hanging out with popular vegan activists like earthling ed, joey, and cosmic skeptic and cooking with them like a cook out

  18. You can call the second dish, mushrooms with see food flavor. Please don’t call it vegan scallops because it’s mushrooms

  19. You are an incredible chef. Each recipe I have made by you has turned out perfect. I get so excited when you upload new videos-they make me happy 🙂

  20. With gratitude in my heart I wanna say a very big thank you to Dralamale on YouTube for helping me eradicate the genital warts permanently,

  21. Made this with oyster mushrooms, took the shrooms out and added fine noodles to the broth. Amazing meal, so quick!

  22. I love every video you guys create, but I especially love the ones where you’re in the great outdoors of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿! 🙂

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