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  1. Beans are not only high carb but full of lectins. Fresh spinach has anti nutrients that will make your thyroid unbalanced if eaten raw. Paprika are also full of lectins that kill your gut bugs. Tomatoes and bell peppers are supposed to be peeled and deseeded otherwise they are also poisonous. The bread is full of lectins and high carb. My question is why be vegan if the food is putting holes in your intestines, over working my pancreas, and leaching iodine from your system? Is this not supposed to be a healthy lifestyle?

  2. A note about baking soda: If you regularly eat a LOT of baking soda it can give you a sour stomach and slow digestion. Likely the little bit added to the omelette eaten occasionally is no problem, but it might be a bit much if you ate this nearly every morning. To be clear, I’m not criticizing the chef or the recipe, it’s a fine recipe and sounds delicious, I’m just cautioning moderation πŸ™‚

  3. I am so happy i found this channel, it has so many good ideas and i cant wait to start using some of these recipes!

  4. CONTENT WARNING: In this post I’ll be talking about diet, calories, nutrients, etc. Those of you who are recovering from disordered eating might do well to not read this one unless you are in a good place with your eating at the moment and are sufficiently prepared. If you are currently struggling with disordered eating, PLEASE GET HELP RIGHT AWAY as eating disorders are the deadliest form of mental health crises. You CAN survive it, you CAN get better, you CAN get to a place of living life functionally again without food ruling your life, and a well-trained psychiatrist and counselor are big parts of the solution. Love yourself!!!!!

    Ok, I plugged the first recipe into Cronometer (which is a free diet tracking app that’s helped me lose 56.3 pounds in the last 4 months, and I am not affiliated with them or getting any money from them, I just find it to be useful as a vegan trying to lose weight to get down to what I personally feel *for myowndamnself* is a more ecologically responsible and longevity-promoting BMI, no shame if you are heavier and content to stay there, love yourself <3).

    I am assuming the recipe is intended to serve two. I'm also assuming it's intended to be served on toast which was NOT included in ingredients list, so I used a standard homemade sourdough that I make with my own starter culture using whole wheat, stone ground flour. So several assumptions there, your mileage may vary somewhat. I assumed 50g slices of toast and allowed for 2 slices per person being 1 serving. I also assumed 1/4 tsp of salt added and that you used no salt-added canned beans or made beans from scratch. If you are using canned beans with salt added, you're starting off the recipe already at 100% of salt intake for the day and then adding more salt in the recipe which will, over the span of your adult life, give you hypertension and make you need to take statin drugs to reduce your blood pressure (but you'll still have other negative health impacts like chronic inflammation plus the side effects from blood pressure meds).

    Given all of that, you get the following:

    Roughly 587.15grams of food
    711 kcal
    About 27g of protein (ideal amount is no more than 30g in a serving as excess is metabolized wastefully and promotes inflammation, so this amount is bang on)
    71.2g of net carbs (i.e. total carbs less the amount of fiber, more on which presently)
    23.6g of fat

    91% of daily fiber intake goals (but always shoot for more to maintain regularity)
    62% vitamin C
    143.5% iron for people who don't menstruate, 127.8% iron for people who do menstruate (8mg needed/day for adult non-menstruators, 18mg needed/day for adult menstruators (source: , and I note with happiness that it addresses transgender iron needs (8mg for transwomen and for transmen who have medically transitioned, i.e. do not menstruate; I love you guys and gals, stay safe. Non-binary folks, you know if you're AMAB or AFAB and should do 8 or 18 based on that, love you cool cats too))
    27.5% Calcium (note, I certainly endorse getting 100% intake, but there are some data suggesting that vegans may not need as much calcium as omnivores because of the lower relative abundance of sulfur-containing amino acids in plant proteins compared to animal proteins. Sulfur-containing amino acids form sulfuric acid as part of the metabolic process and that excess acid load is neutralized by the body with calcium carbonate; the process scavenges calcium from the bones which increases the amount of dietary supply needed to maintain appropriate bone density).
    271.5% Vitamin A
    ONLY 1% of daily Vitamin B12, so it may be worth adding a teaspoon of Braggs Nutritional Yeast to this recipe (yum!!) which would boost you to around 125% daily recommended intake or so. Vitamin B12 deficiency kills, and there are other nutrients that can mask the less severe symptoms until a critical deficiency causes debilitating problems, so please do watch your intake and check in with your physician annually to get your levels checked just to be safe!
    155.5% Folate
    64% Potassium
    88.5% B1/Thiamine
    64% B2/Riboflavin
    56% B3/Niacin
    71% B5/Pantothenic Acid (mushrooms are a game changer!)
    79% B6/Pyridoxine
    25%-ish Choline, but many dietary sources do not report choline levels so it's possible this is higher, it's hard to get that information for all ingredients
    1% Vitamin D (If you are light-skinned, try to get 15-20 minutes of sun exposure between 10am and 2pm to as much of your skin as you're allowed to bear, but NO MORE than that as it will begin to cause inflammation and genetic damage...people with darker skin need more time in the sun because melanin specifically acts to block UV-B radiation to protect DNA, but it's also UV-B that converts pro-vitamin D into vitamin D). You could also take a supplement.
    33% Vitamin E
    291.5% Vitamin K
    113% Copper
    53% Magnesium
    100% Manganese
    70% Phosphorus
    63.5% Potassium
    25% Selenium (brazilnuts are an excellent source of this micronutrient...a single 3g brazilnut gets you 100% selenium for the day)
    ~25% daily intake of sodium (I set mine at 950mg because that's what is needed for dietary sufficiency, i.e. none of your systems go "uh oh, I need sodium but I'm all out, so I guess we're screwed!"...you CAN eat up to 2000mg daily without serious long-term health impacts, but I find salt creeps up VERY quickly in vegan diets, so I find it best to aim low so if I go over, I am still below 2000mg and therefore safe)
    37% Zinc

    35g of fiber which is 91% of recommended daily intake as previously mentioned, but always aim for more.
    1.2g of omega-3 fatty acids vs. 6.1g of omega-6...this balance could be better...you might want to add chia or hemp seeds to the recipe somewhere or elsewhere in your diet for the day. In an ideal world, you want your omega-6 divided by your omega-3 to be less than or equal to 4, less than 2 is even better. In practice, that is VERY difficult to do without eating LOTS of seeds and nuts, and if you're cutting down your weight, seeds and nuts have lots of calories and it's very hard to square the two. So I say lose the weight striving for the best omega ratio you can get, then once you're at goal weight, add back in more seeds and nuts to bump your omega-3 levels up.

    SO...all of that is to say this recipe is a pretty well-balanced meal that is, in my opinion, consistent with Calorie Restriction and Optimal Nutrition, aka the Longevity Diet, aka the Centenarian Diet. Were more human beings eating this way, it would be better for the planet, better for our waistlines, and better for all creatures.

    The one caveat I have is that avocados are VERY water-intensive to produce and are almost exclusively produced in countries where this ravages indigenous populations. As such, it may be worth looking into this as only a "sometimes" food item rather than a staple crop as the soaring demand for avocados has attracted, amongst other unsavory things, Saudi money. They come in, buy up land, pay native folks in South America a pittance to farm the land, and then take the avocados to market and make a huge profit. It is unethical, vulture capitalism at its worst and I think vegans everywhere should do some serious critical thinking about their decision to consume avocados regularly. It's a difficult part of intersectionality because I realize it is somewhat limiting to us dietarily. A substitute in this recipe might be some simple homemade hummus, though that might put you over protein goals so you could reduce the amount of white beans accordingly to achieve ~30g of protein in a serving.

    On the whole, this recipe strikes me as excellent. It would be cool if someone would plug the other recipes into Cronometer to see how they stack up. This would be a great start to the day and I bet you wouldn't be hungry until dinner time!

    Edit: Sorry for the wall of text! I'm just super into nutrition these days πŸ™‚

  5. When you’re subbing out the chickpeas with something else, consider tempeh rather than tofu. Tempeh uses the whole soybean and has higher protein per calorie than tofu because some of the carbohydrate and fat has been consumed by the tempeh fungus. It also adds a lovely nutty flavor, especially if toasted lightly. And it’s more ethically consistent with veganism because when tofu is made from soybean mash, the hulls and other byproduct of the unused portions of the beans are mixed into pig fodder and sold to the pork industry, so supporting tofu manufacture supports pig slaughter whereas tempeh, to my knowledge, does not. Again, I’m not saying every time someone takes a bite of tofu they are personally MURDERING A PIG, I’m just saying in aggregate, if the majority of vegans stopped buying tofu and started buying tempeh, that would send a powerful message to the industry that says “Fuck you for propping up the meat industry with our vegan quid.”

  6. I am gujarati. We are basically from the state Gujarat in India and we are mostly vegetarian. We make the exact second dish you made but we call it pudla and make it like pancakes. Pretty tasty, healthy and filling. Loved your toast recipe as well.. ❀️

  7. I’m not vegan (and I don’t think I’d ever be, sorry) BUT I do enjoy vegan recipes and trying different foods
    This looks so delicious!! I’m gonna try them for sure✨

  8. Thanks for the recipe. tried the vegan ‘omlette’. came out reasonably well. the flipping worked well as I let it to simmer and cook well.
    used double amount of mushrooms and covered the whole bottom of the pan; that looked really good when flipped πŸ™‚
    Added only half tsp of baking powder only; may be because of that it didnt look fluffy.
    Next time I will make it slightly thinner and with more baking powder.

  9. We make this I. India it’s called a uthapam dosa. A veggie dosa instead of gram flour we make a mix out of soaked and ground rice(any kind usually economic) urad dal lentil maybe add some fenugreek seeds a cup of rice flakes avalakki that’s my personal recipe. 3:1:1spoon:1cup it’s yum. Especially if you use clarified butter or ghee to roast. All veggies finely chopped and just sprinkle on top

  10. curious…is that bread vegan? im only asking cuz if i can get a vegan bread that looks like that, Id like to know where to get it lol

  11. Did you know where I live cannelini beans are called white kidney beans. So frustrating when shopping for beans and finding that the bean someone is using is named different here or not available at all and you need to substitute.

  12. Already tried out the avocado-bean-mash and the vegan omelette and oh lord both so easy and so delicious! 10/10

  13. So great to find some savory recipes! I’m not into sweet breakfasts. Thank you!! These look so good.

  14. You are so beautiful and your food looks so refreshing and full of life.

    Thank you for sharing with us

  15. I am a level 3 vegan and do not eat sourdough as it is live organisms you force to work for you to rise the bread.

  16. Anything veg or vegan, learn from Hindus(India) who are veg since over 5000 years…..lacs of veg dishes.

  17. I’m pretty sure we have the same taste buds because every thing you do, every spice and combination, just sounds like heaven to me

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