69 thoughts on “How I get TONS of protein as a vegan bodybuilder💪🏼

    1. @Jo Alvarado so it’s not douchy but douchy as the rest because spinach is a bad source of protein… got it

    2. @ProFiT SMASH He’s douchy for regurgitating old bro-science in the 2021. Spinach isn’t a miracle food, and it definitely won’t help you build muscle if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Douches don’t research anything, which he made very evident with this post.

  1. I don’t get vegans its literally like using thinner toilet paper by choice the animals are already gone ur just not eating them u alone as one person will not stop the production of meat its not any healthier and u get more from it

    1. @Michael Navarro 😂🤣😂 yeah I know you gotta add rice with peanut butter, blah blah blah, and then your calories are so far over if you need 200-300 grams of protein per day, you’ll be a fat fuck, sorry but it’s true! Animal proteins are so far in superiority it’s a non contest!

    2. @J Sav The point being you DO NOT need to add rice and peanut butter or any other combination of whole plant foods in order to receive an adequate amount of protein. And plant foods are typically pretty low density as far as calories are concerned. Getting protein is fairly easy on a plant based diet but I’m sure most would agree that calories can be a bit of a struggle for some. I eat a little bit over my daily need for protein and I’m still lean. Vegans Body Mass Index tend to better than non-vegan counterparts, generally speaking.

    3. @Michael Navarro sure, your average BMI, but if you wanna get fucking yoked, well then you need animal protein, the guy in this video literally looks like a soy eating vegan, his gains scream vegan! Wouldn’t call them gains, just low BMI is all, meat is king when it comes to protein, plants are for prey and the weak, screams non tolerant liberal that finds everything offensive, and wants to preach to me how to live my life! I throw away more meat in a month than the average person eats in a year!

    4. @J Sav Clarence Kennedy, Alexander Leonidas (mostly vegan), Nimai Delgado, Brian Turner, Eric Bugenhagen (at least vegetarian), Patrik Baboumian, Paul Kerton…all of these dudes are relatively “yoked” and don’t eat meat, and there are countless other examples. At what point did I preach to you how to live your life? I do sincerely apologize for triggering you though. Truly. I’m not used to explaining simple concepts to butthurt conservative snowflakes. And on behalf of the facts that don’t care about your feeling, I’m sorry. I know you’re hurting. I’m here for you. I love you. Maybe one day I can eat meat and become a big tough alpha like yourself and maybe we can go out sometime and make sweet sweet love to one another without you destroying me. A soyboy like me can only dream though ❤️

    5. @Michael Navarro triggered?😂🤣😂 yeah not quite, I’m not the one crying over some deliciously butchered animals, nothing and I do mean nothing like a rare bloody organic grass fed skirt steak!😋 perfect fat ratio, bloody moist delicious and so nutritious, and even if you can get some size on a ton of steroids and eating soy, you’ll still be a sub par athlete, now tren and steak that’ll get you yoked! And just know, I will throw an extra steak out in the trash for you tomorrow, You will be responsible for another butchering of another grass fed cow, when I go to butcher to replace the steak I throw away in your name!

  2. Started at the gym again and been vegan 5 years, wanting to gain muscle to will be looking at you as inspiration 🙂 Thank you

    1. @Grace Our small intestine is 4x longer than our torso. A wolf’s is 6x, and a feline is 4x. A sheep for example, is 25x. We have a gall bladder to digest animal fat. We have teeth made for tearing and crushing. we have Incisors on both jaws, ridged molars, and canines. Tiny stomach with no protozoa or bacteria, strong gastric acid, ZERO cellulose digestion, and weak stomach digestion. Short colon, tiny caecum, small rectum, no colon digestion or absorption, putrefactive bacertial flora, small and firm feces. Digestive activity solely from the pancreas. Intermittent feeding habits, and easy survival with zero plants.

      Now do me a favor, and compare all of that to a sheep for example.

    2. @Grace Did you know our stomach acid is 1000x stronger than a baboons? (Who are considered one of our “closest relatives”)

    3. @Grace Look up chymotrypsin, pepsinogen, trypsinogen, and protease. Then combine that with the fact humans cant digest cellulose.

    4. @Grace Animals that are made to eat plants, have stomach bacteria, or a long intestine or colon to ferment plants. How much bacteria do we have in our stomach? ZERO. And we have a digestive tract SHORTER than a wolf

  3. The bio availability of that is probably about 40% so realistically if your body is running as optimally as possible you’re getting maybe 10 g of protein per serving

  4. Plants are considered biotic, meaning their alive. And they can technically reproduce by seeds, so ur still eating living things and its cruel cuz their chopped off

    1. Right…but do plants have brains or emotions? No. I eat meat all day everyday, but you’ve just made what is possibly the dumbest argument against veganism ever.

  5. Bro that’s my hardest task is getting so much protein in 🤣 its so fucking tough. I love to workout and to lift heavy and push myself but fuck is it hard to eat so many calories!! Im currently trying 2,670 calories a day with 140g of protein, 300g of carbs and 80g of fat per day and its so fuckjng tough 😔

  6. Only problem is that soy products and soy protein lower testosterone and are estrogenic. There’s been studys confirming this

  7. The mainstream world stop caring about Veganism back in 2017/2018.

    It’s as irrelevant as vegetarianism, the rest of the world doesn’t really care. The constantly growing 2 trillion dollar global meat industry is evidence of this.

    1. Vegans don’t understand that they have the wrong ratio of amino acids for building muscle, it’s not about how much protein but how much protein you can use

  8. Incomplete proteins, vegan protein is beyond sub par, if you’re adding a Leucine supplement maybe you can get about an 80% complete amino acid profile!

  9. Your body doesn’t 100% absorb 24g of protein. If it did you wouldn’t poop. Poop is food that didn’t get absorb and got turned into waste. So 160 grams of protein isn’t accurate😬📋

  10. humans cant assimilate plant protien nearly as well as animal protien. it has to do with the digestive enzymes. i was vegan for years bro trust me

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