50 thoughts on “Full Face of Warm-Toned Makeup | Quality, Clean & Vegan! Dominique Sachse

  1. Lovely! Dominique, since you asked… would you make a tutorial on how to apply individual lashes?!

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  4. I love you in browns and neutrals!! Anything you do is just gorgeous but the browns are such a compliment to your natural beauty. Thanks so much for all the tips and tricks. You are awesome!!

  5. What a great make-up tutorial – once again!
    Love the eyelure 3/4 lashes, went out and bought them too. 🤗I have the same problem with the normal length of lashes and when I cut them down to size, something always seems to be off. 🤔
    So I hope these will work.

    The colors you used for the eyemake-up are incredibly beautiful… and wow! How priceworthy too. I
    might like to try out a catrice palette too someday. The 2nd skin foundation sounds wonderful. Who wouldn‘t something like that!? 😄

    Thanks for another great video, Dominique, I love to see what you up with every Thursday.

    Lots of love from rainy Switzerland,

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  8. I love to watch all your amazing programmes. Especially the one with the makeover for your beautiful mum💕also zoom sessions. Thank you.

  9. Please do more tutorials like this (all price points). Especially love the evening check-in to let us know how the products held up! Thanks for a great video.

  10. Hi You look beautiful in those colors make up and eyes shadow colors But those lashes are beautiful perfect size for someone like me who’s never used false lashes before See you next week Be Blessed !

  11. How did the Catrice foundation last throughout the day/evening? Did it stay put, and were you happy with the coverage?

  12. Really happy to see a vegan and cruelty-free makeup line featured, especially with the fantastic results. Your makeup skills are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  13. Gorgeous! I’m going to have to try that foundation. I have yet to find a foundation that I don’t hate.

  14. Some You Tubers I follow have used the Catrice line and I finally got some at a local Face Values store. Ulta has it too. Very affordable and not bad.

  15. Have you done a video on make up remover?….the best way, best products to do a good job?…etc. etc…..in your opinion, of course🤗

  16. Watched and followed you every step of the way. My make up looked great there were stares, compliments given. Thank you for making my evening worthwhile. I was nervous and your support made my night memorable.

  17. Just ordered 10 products from Catrice. Super excited to try and the price was so reasonable!! As a first time purchase you get 15% off.

  18. Those warm colors on you look great you look very pretty but then again you always look pretty have a great day 😊💗❤️💕💖💖

  19. I love the look and your application! You always look so put together and polished. Thank you for showing us the makeup and taking us with you. 🙏❤️

  20. Dominique, could you do a video about the difference between tinted moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream and full coverage foundation? Love you videos!

  21. I have been watching a couple of your videos and you are blessed and beautiful lady. You have some great tutorials. I am a BC survivor and been very choosy about what I apply on my skin and trying to stay away from products with chemicals. So this video using Catrice cosmetics with safer ingredients is a plus. Thank you.

  22. Hopefully you also love things made in this country!!!! Not just Italian!! USA the good ol country that probably pays your bills… Just saying.. But I.I’m sure you will never read this

  23. Oh thank-you thank-you for showcasing the Catrice foundation…I LOVE IT!! I never heard of it, but ordered as soon as you posted this video. I only use Lancome’s Teint Idole in 210 Buff Neutral. The way you described how it went on and felt and at the end of the day, sold me. The Catrice website has a color match system in 2 ways, you input the foundation you use & the color and Catrice shows you what they can offer. Well, the Catrice color is a perfect match. btw Catrice is $11.00 a bottle and Lancome is $47.00 a bottle. THANKS Dominique

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