51 thoughts on “VEGAN BUDGET CHALLENGE » €1/$1 meals for 5 days (+ grocery list)

  1. I really appreciate that you give options for the spice mixes! I can see your argument for using them in a video like this, but I always find they complicate recipes more if you don’t know the spice mix or can get it in you local store 🙂 so thanks for mentioning recipes/ingredients/substitutes!
    As always a delight to watch your videos 🙂

  2. Such good tips, I will def go buy those spice mixes! And gosh, your editing and filming are just chef’s kiss

  3. Beautiful video. Keep them coming! I am not a vegan but after binge watching Sadia’s videos I am giving it serious consideration. I am starting with small steps and enjoying all of her cooking tips. I do wonder about the spice packets and their excess sodium content plus the other chemicals in them. But I can improvise the spice mix from my own cabinet.
    As someone else said, this lady has her shit together! Real ideas, fresh perspective and wonderful videography.

  4. I love these budget meals since I’m feeding a vegan family of five. The curry was a huge hit with my kids. And thank you for the leftover food part.

  5. here in greece the grocery list would be at least 30 euros… but still you give so nice and affordable meal ideas, thank you so much!!

  6. My the most favorite channel eeeveerrrr. Thank you so much guys for filming and creating all of this ♥️

  7. I’m thinking about going vegan and at work I literally don’t eat anything (my boss buys us food) but I literally starve until I get home because I’m just too lazy to pack food and I’m a beginner vegan so still trying to discover what works for me when it comes to food. I’m actually thinking about going RAW vegan instead that way I don’t have to read ingredients every time I pick up an item (I’m too lazy to read ingredients every time I pick up an item I’m interested in). Of course I’m still going to have to read ingredients but not as much?

  8. I took on your challenge and it was great. It cost me $30 here in the US but I still thought that was good! And the food! Very good and lots of it! Please make more of these video challenges!

  9. oh I say I do love the lofi beats in the background and Her subtle ASMRehness in her voice and when touching on objects .

  10. Made the roasted veggie salad, but stirred some mango chutney in the sauce, cocktail tomatoes in the veggies, corn on top and put it in tortillas. It was a success; even for the carnivores! 🙌👏 To bee cooked again.

  11. Yeeesssss!!!! More easy, fast, cheap and healthy recipes, like the good old days! 😉😆 Brilliant 👏

  12. Please make another video for those who don’t have an oven for roasting too ♥. Thank you as always Sadia!

  13. I made the decision to go vegetarian a few weeks ago and i am searching for good recipes. This video made me realise how many recipes there are out there even tho i cook like a lot and from every cuisine 😀

  14. And she did that while going to ah, not even a discounter. Do the same in Deen or Jumbo and you could buy even more for that amount!

  15. Oh, how nice that you have created a feature on the PUL blog, where you can search individual recipes with leftovers. Like, just write “potato” and all recipes with potatoes will pop up!! Beyond expectations! ✨💪🥰 Love you and your content! 🌞🍋

  16. You’ve taken a few simple budget-friendly ingredients and have elevated them into 5 days of delicious, unique, and easy meals. SO excited to try this! I think this is my favorite video of yours so far!

  17. Thanks for sharing! I live in the US – San Francisco, California and all these groceries at Whole Foods Market (with fresh cilantro added) added comes to $50! For SF, that’s pretty darn good, but would’ve loved to see $20 on the receipt!

  18. Made the soup – it was excellent. Made the baked potato-lentil patties tonight. Sooooo good! Whole family loved it.

  19. You are not your thoughts. You are the witness of each thought.
    Your energy is amazing🤍

  20. Hello dear Sadia, 💚🌻💚 Thank you very very much again for this duper super useful video! I love it…those recipes are all soo wholesome and cry to be made for sure! I have two questions: 1. I am not a fan of spinach what else may I use in your recipes? also I end up throw them away as they don’t keep well in my experience…. 2. may I ask where is your pan (tortillas) from ? MErci beaucoup xx

  21. I just bought all the ingredients and I have to say: This is definitely accurate for GERMANY ♥
    I went to LIDL and paid 20,09 EUR for everything :3

    I can’t wait to cook all those meals! ♥

  22. Thank you for reminding me of the spice mixes… I often had the problem of having a dozend open spices going bad and had used them only half…

    But would you pls elaborate on the ingredients of roti masalah spice mix? I couldn’t find anything under that name or a translated version of it ( eg. German ‘ roti Gewürzmischung), I found tons of garam masalah mixes, but I know that is something different… because masalah means ‘mix’ in India … but while searching I (re)-discovered my favorite tandoori masalah mix…

  23. Pro-tip: if plant-based yoghurt is too expensive where you live, blend up some firm silken tofu with a tbsp of unflavoured coconut oil, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, and salt to taste. I do this anytime I want something like yoghurt but don’t have time to make my own or buy some. It tastes really similar, and you get extra protein! (It doesn’t have probiotics like yoghurt though!)

  24. Such a great video! 😍 I always enjoy budget videos and found a lot of inspiring recipe ideas! Thank you! ❤🍀

  25. Nice meals but you could make it more green by going on the bike! Perfectly possible with that small amount of shopping. This is the Netherlands! Would like to see more bio stuff too

  26. Your cutlery! So vintage! Beautiful! Where did you get those slim forks with wood handles?
    Thanks in advance.

  27. 2:41 There you go! She’s using ingredients she already had in her pantry. Fail.

  28. Back again…I am also considering adding these recipes to my repertoire weekly as it is amazing how little you need to spend to actually eat well!

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