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  1. How’s everyone been these days? 🤗 Hope you enjoy my first recipe video! I want to make one where I try making your recipes too so leave the, below!

    1. hii this recipe is from Chile its called sopaipilla, first you have to make like a bread dough but adding pumpkin and then you make little balls and stretch them to fry them later , my english is not that good so i hope you understand the recipe <3

    2. My recipe is called carrot dreams (sonhos de cenoura) i mainly know it for being a traditional portuguese sweet that is common during christmas but its likely that this same sweet is present in many other places, especially bc its origin is unknown
      First start by peeling carrots and cooking them in boiling water with some orange peel and cinnamon stick, a while after when theyve cooled mash them, add sugar and orange juice to the puree. Meanwhile mix yeast with warm vegetable milk, then add flour. Combine the carrots with the flour. Heat up oil and with two spoons shape the dough into small balls, frying them. Dry them on paper towels and sprinkle some yellow sugar and cinnamon.
      Sorry if this is super long and confusing :-*
      Edit bc i forgot to say the quantities
      Yeast: 30 g ; carrots: 500 g ; sugar: 250; flour:250 ; vegetable milk: 500ml

    3. This is a recipe of brazil-peanuts energy ball. Mmmm, delicious ! So, place 100 gr of brasil nuts (i’m in Belgium, so I use grams, I hope it’s ok) in a food processor and pulse until they are nicely crushed. Add 200 grs of dates (medjool is better) and 1 tbsp of coconut oil and pulse until it’s fully mixed. Then add 1 tbsp of almond butter and a bit of cinnamon if you like it, and then mix again in the food processor. Now, it’s time to take a bit of the mixture (more or less a tablespoon) into your hands and make little disc of it (if it’s too oily or mushy and uneasy to shape,you can add a bit of almond powder to the mixture until obtaining a nice consistancy. It’s even better with a little bit of almond powder anyway). Place a little bit of peanut butter on the disc and close the disc around the peanut butter to roll it into a ball. Go on like this until all the mixture has now become wonderful almond balls with a nice and yummy heart of peanut butter, miam ! 🙂 Place the rolled balls into the fridge for several hours (or if you want to eat them quicker, place into the freezer for around one hour) before enjoying. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Bon appetit ! 🙂

    4. I’ve been waiting for this🥺 i really love it when you speaks chinese and im jealous i hope i could speak chinese too but all the love!!🤍

    5. My recipe in french for a summer celebration or picnic- tart aux fraises, i make it vegan w substitutes :)) la recette: la pâte- 65g sucre, 100g margarine, 30ml lait, 200g farine et pour ✨extras✨ 30g poudre d’amandes/ avoine et puis après l’avoir cuit pour environ 15-20 mins ajoute la crème (it’s like a cake layer on the pastry) 50g margarine, 40g sucre, 50g poudre d’amandes/avoine, 40ml crème, et finalement la crème pâtissière ajoute petit à petit 250 ml lait (i add vanilla for taste as well) à 50g sucre en poudre, 30g fécule de maïs (corn starch) et une pincée de curcuma (pour le colour) et puis cuit fouetter constamment il va épaissir et puis ajoute un petit peu de margarine. Finalement ajoute beaucoup de fraises! I know this recipe has a few steps but it’s really fun to make and good to eat- I add either almond powder/ ground oats or coconut flour to the dough and the cream for extra flavour but it isn’t necessary, I also make a sugar glaze to put on top, I really like this recipe it always feels very summery I hope you like it if you get a chance to make it!

  2. Love this! Please more chinese recipes! What is 5 spice tofu, is it something you have to make or do you buy it? Also, I noticed your mom stores shitake mushrooms in water, I bought some dried shitake mushrooms, should I store them in water or did your mom just put them in water to soften before cutting?

    1. we bought the tofu as 5 spice flavoured but honestly regular would be fine too! and dried shiitakes should be soaked, she soaks a bunch in a container and uses them throughout the week. she also uses the liquid for extra flavour when cooking!

  3. Looks so good! These types of videos make me so sad that I do nog have an asian supermarket nearby…. 😭😭

  4. Hey leah!! Love ur vlogs they r so comforting!! Im currently learning french so can u pls do more french vlogs

  5. Recently came across your channel and really love your vibe! Please share more vegan Chinese recipes!

  6. I love that some of your recipes are gluten-free, even though you might not intend them to be. Thank you so much for sharing these, I’ll have to try some myself :)).

  7. thank youuuu, i really loved this kind of video. I tried the mochi red bean rolls and it was so good 😀

  8. wait- it’s possible to stir the dough with chopstick?!! that’s awesomee. i hope you and your family have a great time!!

  9. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. I already made my own scallion pancakes because you and Andrew kept eating them (they took forever but were definitely tasty!). I love watching people make cultural recipes and really love trying them myself! Your videos make me want to buy a steamer basket haha

  10. Hi leah this is truly a blessing to me the things is I have watched tons of Chinese dramas wuxia and I just love the aesthetic food there are some Chinese wuxia dramas which are so soothing and those fantasies kinda dresses might not be historical correct but I love them I love the food. As a vegetarian living in Asia it’s truly a blessing to see this food getting prepared it’s really calming for me.

  11. Currently freaking out because when your mom cut the garlic chives I realized the random plant that started growing in my garden this summer is garlic chives!! Ive never grown any edible plant before so I had no idea how to find out what it was lol. You’re a real one for that 🥰

  12. Thanks, Leah. I really enjoy your recipes and spending time with your lovely family. On top of that, you know this video makes me feel homesick though T^T

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  14. These recipes look so good! I love Asian food (basically all kinds lol) I’m vegetarian but want to be vegan. Is your family also vegan?

  15. i love your editing style so much! idk if this will make sense but i can tell how much you love your family by the way you film + edit, and that’s really nice to see ^_^ and the recipes look delicious! i can’t wait to try all of them!

  16. Asian food looks so good 😩😩 (and yes I do mean ASIAN, including Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese.. it all looks wonderful)

  17. Can anyone please tell me the name of the music that plays at 1:00?? i’ve been searching it forever and the music is not in the description

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