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    1. Eating Vegan: Helping your health, animals, and the planet
      Eating Meat: Destroying your health, animals, and the planet

  1. I am so happy to see you experiencing vegan eating! you’re my inspiration! I’ve been a vegan for 10 years and I don’t have problems with training, in fact a lot of people in the box I go to are vegans!
    hugs from Brazil!

  2. Its awesome that you went vegan for a day and that you try to do one meatless day a week. Going vegan is really not that difficult and as Shane mentioned some people think there is a lack of variety, when actually there is MORE of a variety- think of how many plants there are! So happy to see this from you Tia and Shane, glad James was able to help you out.

  3. you know this is really awesome.. the other day I was thinking… how cool would it be if Tia goes vegan… I mean, I am sure she can do it! for health… the planet … the environment.. animals.. then I see this and I go: “wait!!!!?? she is doing it!?!?! AWESOME! 🙂 hope you find the vegan approach to your liking… having such an amazing athlete like you trying the vegan life style for the reasons I mention would be amazing! big fun of you guys! oh and yes, I am vegan! 😂

  4. I LOVE this! Plant based nutrition is optimal. I would love to see what differences you would feel as a world class athlete if you switched full time to a whole foods plant based diet. If you didn’t feel noticeably different I would be amazed.

  5. Speaking as a 14-and-counting year vegan athlete, this will be one of the best decisions you ever make! Thanks for sharing your Day 1! 🌱💪💚

  6. Always fun to try stuff, but I give it about a month or two for her. She’ll see how much her performs drops, how much weaker she feels, then she’ll go right back to eating the way a normal high performs athlete should be eating. Good luck!!

  7. The title of this video is to get our attention (click bait) and it worked!! I think most people failed to notice that this was a one day experiment only for the sake of content for the channel. It may be an option she’s exploring for a day here and there during the off season. I also think this was filmed a while back since her hair is considerably shorter in this video than the video that follows. They’ve also been traveling since the games wrapped up. Simply a video they had in the vault to stay connected with fans while on a poste games break. Just saying!!

  8. Your incidents of injury will increase the more you are vegan since your intake of meat which is part of the proper human diet will decrease. Just look up the professional athletes who have recently gone vegan and now are not professional due to injury or continue to be injured. Please, don’t do this to yourself. If a vegan diet will kill children, then what does the vegan diet do to adults on the long term.

  9. Love you Tia! You Rock, an killed it at the games. Love this Channel 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♀️ glad to see y’all trying different ways of getting down on the diet!!

  10. It would be incredible if the fittest woman on earth was eating mostly plant based. Imagine the precedent that would set! Wonderful that you tried this Tia!

  11. YAY FOR VEGAN LIFE!! I’ve never been fitter mind and body. I’m a million miles from Tia but for me the difference is insane. Ran Ben Nevis 3 times in one day, after being vegan 6 months and never would have managed that before.

  12. Been Vegan since I was 17. An athlete since 14. Changed my life in more ways than just physical. My hubby who has been doing CrossFit for 7 years now went Vegan in 08/2020. So many changes and lots of learning on his end, but he’s thriving! Super happy you’re giving it a try❤ Love you Tia and Shane. Recommend using Vegan Power Pro by 1st Phorm. We love our Oatmeal Cookie protein powder😍

  13. Congrats on giving it a go. Would be interested maybe in ur off season to see you do it for a week and see where things like swelling/recovery sit. I hear such is supposed to work well right compared to diary and other?

  14. i love avocado BUT avocados need a large amount of water to grow, really large, like 220 gallons of water for 2.2 pounds of avocados so i decided to stop eating those marvelous fruits 😭 but water is précious then i can live without it.

  15. Eating vegan costs so much … When I tried it 2 years ago I found my strength and size went down little by little… My overall look I didn’t care for as well. I did vegan for 8 months and finally said this is not for me… The cost really hurt me because the monthly bill went way up… I think Tia has the money to do the vegan thing … Some people can’t afford it…. Ty for videos 👍

  16. Loved this video! Great to share how yummy vegan food can be with the world 🥰 I create high protein vegan recipes on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested in checking them out!

  17. Please dont. There are extremely important nutrients that humans require that you can only get from animal foods. These nutrients are even more important for women for hormone balance and especially for someone involved in sports. Please read Nina Teicholz book The Big Fat Surprise.

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