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  1. Wow! Kate, you are a hero to yourself, your children and the rest of us! Thank you for sharing your incredible story and providing even more evidence of the power or plants. This was an eye opener and a game changer for sure. Thank you Chuck for bringing this to us! 💖💖💖💖💖👍👍😊😊

  2. Alberta Canada is known for beef and animal products in the diet. I grew up eating the Standard American Diet. I was a caregiver to parents and a grandmother for 20 years. Saw what eating animal products did to them. I became vegetarian at age 40. I am now 60 and vegan for 6 years. Idiopathic? No. I think doctors are not trained to see diet as the culprit in developed countries where food is plentiful. Doctors are trained to notice vitamin deficiencies like scurvy, etc. But in the US, Canada, UK, etc., an abundance of food is considered a blessing. So doctors are usually not going to link illnesses with food unless it is an allergy or deficiency involved. My relatives all took high blood pressure and cholesterol medications and a host of other medications. My mom had open heart surgery. My father and grandmother had strokes. The only dietary information told to hem by doctors was to eat bananas to get more potassium in their diet. Nothing was ever said about animal products causing arteriosclerosis

  3. I’m sitting here crying listening to her. My body is presenting new ailments and current ones are progressing. I can’t take it. My mind wants to go, go, go, but my body is not having it. I’m at my heaviest weight, borderline HBP, and digestive issues among other things are in full force. Was recently diagnosed with migraines. I used to walk half marathons and haven’t done one since 2015…I love those and want to get back to those. I’ll be 50 soon, but realized that I have to make major changes! Told a doctor that I don’t want my nightstand full of pill bottles, and what does he do? Write a prescription…soooo I’m aware that pharma is a booming business, but I’m looking to good healthy foods and vitamins. Went to a True Food restaurant; it’s vegan and plant based…the stuff I didn’t think I’d like, I loved!!!

    1. @Flandrens Interiors Thanks, I’m already on them…helps big time, but have other things to address. Once VitaminD status is leveled, I can lower the dosage. I also take iron, Super B Complex, magnesium and fish oil vitamins. I’m currently working on my eating habits.

  4. All these ailments attributed to non vegetarian diet could it be north American meat diet or universal ,e/u won’t buy north American meat products.

  5. Only reason it saved her life is cause she stopped eating inflammatory foods
    For optimal health people have to eat meat or they will become nutrient deficient over time.

  6. There’s a ton of reasons why she had his health conditions and it was because she wasn’t paying attention to her body. Her deficiencies had gotten to the point where she endangered her own life. People are eating to satiate their palate not everybody in the body is only satiated when it receives the nutrients that it needs. There’s a lot of hype around pro Tien and this is contributing factor for kidney disease as well as mineral deficiency so if you’re consuming too many amino acids even on a Plant-based diet you have too much proteins you need to fast intermittent fasting and then also try one week fasting in order for your body to go into autophagy
    But one of the main concerns I have now for her is B complex and B 12 if she has not done a panel of bloodwork to find out where she is I highly suggest that she do and also because she’s already gone through her changes
    Plant-based estrogen removing all estrogen mimicking beauty products toothpaste shouldn’t have any fluoride in it mouthwash under arm deodorant get rid of cheese if you’re eating that I know you’re talking about a plant-based diet but that doesn’t always mean that you’re dairy free
    B vitamins are very important
    Also have to make sure that your body has enough iodine

    1. Kate has a Beautiful Soul and it shows in her Beautiful face. This Lady is sharing her story to help us all. I am profoundly grateful to her. Many Blessings Kate and Thank You….. 💖💞💖

  7. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻 your a miracle you have found favor in Gods eyes. Glory to God. Your an inspiration to all your a testimony. God bless you.

  8. Yeh …no money in it for them anymore ! Your not pulling them any money it’s so sad when your so so sick xx

  9. So tired of these lies. It’s carnivore diet which heals not your BS vegan diet which almost killed me. Veganism is All Carbs.

  10. Kate you are an encouragement to me because after all you have been through you have an extraordinary story and journey with a beautiful outcome. I have many of the same illness labels like; Lupus, Hashimotos and Type II Diabetes plus Hypertension and eye disturbances an other things as well but you’ve been on the right path to reverse them. Oh I also lost a great deal of weight to the point I had to tell people who I was. Lol. But even though I had lost 105 from my highest level of weight I’ve regained 25 lbs. which does scare me but the problems that still exist are I believe from some Rx that are prescribed to me. My Dr yells at me saying I don’t know anything about it I was nerves trained in the body. He thinks I’m crazy I’m sure. He refused to acknowledge that I asked for a change in my meds because I seem to be having a negative reaction to them. So I have to try doing this on my own and maybe I should know how to do this as I am an SDA. BUT I WAS NOT BORN ONTO IT. So I struggle. I really am so happy for your beautiful story of recovery for you and your family as well as

  11. What an inspirational and beautiful individual Ms. McGoey-Smith is! Her voice is so soothing and her energy is intoxicating. She is helping so many others to become the best versions of themselves. Thank you for this amazing and life-changing interview. xo

  12. I was told I should have been dead already. I also am an operating room nurse who did my own research. Still not able to get anyone to diagnose this. Can u recommend a clinic or a doctor that disgnosed this??? I have air hunger and fainting all the time.

  13. Ill never understand the haters who click the thumbs down on these kinds of positive videos .good for you lady im doing the same thing for fibromyalgia and a list of other complaints .your an inspiration. THANKYOU .

  14. Am drinking teas hreen tea hisbiscus teas mint teas moringa tea are very healthy 👌 and if you having skin problems use blak walnut leaves teas for skin also ate very good for hair make beautiful and strong

  15. I am very healthy and lost 50 pounds on a carnivore diet. No carbs and no veg for 8 months! There is more than one way to health.

  16. Kate I hope you have found Dr. Brooke Goldner for your kidneys, she is working miracles, with plants. Your experience is so inspiring. Thank you and congratulations 💗🥦

  17. What an amazing interview and an amazing woman. She has really motivated to continue on with my journey, not only to strive for better health but to strive for more optimism, not only for me but for those around me. Thank you.

  18. Jehovah Rophe the LORD GOD who heals thee! Give glory to the Lord God Almighty in the Lord Jesus Christ

  19. Only God heals,God is a wonderful God who loves us and waits for us to turn to Him humbly with repentance of all our sins and walk according to His laws the Ten Commandments written for us to obey Him.He promised us heaven and He doesn’t change that promise.A plant based diet is God’s diet.

  20. Plant based made me very sick & nearly dead with everything she says it cured lol who’s telling the truth? From my experience she is lying 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. God helps those who helps themselves…
    You are what you eat….
    It’s all about the liver and what you put in your body!!
    They are not curious because they are often looking after their own interests, sick people = money

  22. Praise God! Thank you for Kate and her story! I was diagnosed with HER2 triple negative breast cancer 6 years ago. I had the lump remove-no chemo, no radiation. I went on an all raw diet for 18 months. This past March, I had my 5 year checkup. I now eat 80% raw all plant based and no processed food. Praise God!

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