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    1. Yes but dont push your lifestyle on her if she wants to be vegan for the environment than let her dont tell her how to live

    2. @jacula c: you know like 40 grams of that gets stored as fat anyway. That doesn’t seem very healthy, more protein doesn’t mean better. Your muscles can only absorb so much protein before it gets stored as fat

    3. @FRIEDSTEW dude what are you talking about excess calories are stored as fat no matter whether you eat protein fat or carbs. you have such little dietary knowledge but still you’re arguing

    4. @FRIEDSTEW Do you have a reading comprehension problem? The person before Jacula asked _”what you think flour with water can give you? enough proteins? enough energy?”_ and they answered that it has more protein than (most) meats providing the protein and energy.

    1. @jacula c: you can fry pasta but it’s not common – thats another reason why the comment said said strange pasta

  1. for a side note this food isn’t “full of protein” while in 100 grams of flour there is only 10 grams of protein, just eat chicken, or soy beans, to get your protein…

    1. If you use pure vital wheat gluten instead of normal flour the protein levels are actually really good, it works differently but it is still pretty good

    2. The recipe by Nora cooks for a vegan chicken has 180g of the vital wheat gluten but makes 6 pieces. Each piece having about 24.8 g of protein according to Cronometer.

    3. @Alexander Hani Seitan has more protein than (most) meats. The whole point of washing the flour is to remove carbs and leave the protein.

    1. It’s seitan, it’s been around for centuries and has been used as a meat substitute by monks. If seasoned right it can taste like chicken because most of chickens flavor comes from seasonings. It actually tastes good surprisingly, thought there are better recipes than this one.

  2. Wtf lol that’s not fucking chicken substitute that’s half raw dough….and it has more calories then chicken why would u wanna eat that instead of real chicken🤦‍♀️

    1. Seitan is a pretty good chicken substitute. Why does the calories matter? Just eat a bit less of it and get the same calories.
      Not all people want to eat real chicken. Was this new information for you?

    2. @Stubbari well seitan looks more like turky to me. anyway what i mean is why u wanna make a substitue for something that isn’t the same thing, hasn’t the same taste why u wanna call them substitute of something? just call it with their name u want to eat seitan eat seitan but make a dish with it don’t make a dish and call it substitute chicken call it seitan with veggies not substitue chicken with veggies that’s what i mean that dish she made should be called something like spiced daugh or call it in a new way why u wanna call stuff with substitute in their name u make ur dish value less

    3. @musicpoolchannel The whole point of a substitute is that it’s not the same thing but it’s like the same thing.
      Like you can substitute leather by using fake leather. It’s similar, but not the same.

      And the reason why we call plastic sheets which are like leather “fake or artificial leather” is because it’s trying to imitate leather. You can make seitan not like chicken but the point of this is to make it like chicken.

    4. @Stubbari idk i understand the fake leather but that’s because leather costs too mutch and it’s aestetic so it’s a more economic thing and looks like it so it’s fine but i think seitan costs more then chicken and has it’s own taste wich is different and looks different too i don’t see any advantage on eating it plus modifying food taste so mutch wich spices at the point of making it taste like something else is something that i find really silly am sure seitan has it’s own taste and can be enhanced in other ways on it’s own without making it seem like something else it’s as if i wanna make bread taste like egg maybe somone can do it but i think it’s not worth it.

    5. @musicpoolchannel The advantage of seitan is that you don’t have to exploit any animals in order to get the chicken like taste/texture. Just like chicken, the taste is quite bland and (just like chicken) the actual taste comes from seasoning. That’s why it’s such a good chicken substitute.

  3. What you end up with (have tried this) is an uncanny valley experience but with food. It looks like it could be chicken and with the proper seasoning can taste similar but in your head there’s just the truth jabbering into your ear like “this ain’t it chief.”

  4. More people would go vegan if we made new words for things instead of calling it “substitute.” To non vegans that word is derogatory and will cause it to mentally never measure up. Just encourage people to try new things. No need for guilt or comparison’s.

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