60 thoughts on “I TRICKED The Vegan Teacher

  1. Does the vegan Karen know that plants have feelings too? In fact the lovely grass smell that you’re smelling when mowing the gass is the grass screaming at the other grass to get out of the way. Besides what do animals eat? Plants! So technically we’re vegans Lol.

  2. I love how this woman thinks its her job to try and convert everyone into vegans. Its laughable. And the best part is she’s going after nursery rhymes too 😂😂 This woman thinks that nursery rhymes are teaching kids to kill sheep or something. Like go and berate your friends about being vegan. Don’t embarrass yourself online trying to convert random people into being vegans and giving them “check marks” and “clicks”. This woman is worse than a Karen honestly.


    Also vegan teacher is dum cause u need to shave a sheep or else they their wool will be heavy and it will be heavy to carry the wool

  4. I AM Muslims are you Muslims plz tell me tysm ❤
    But vegan KAREN plz shut up don’t tell ppl what to do
    Ppl who are going to be vegan are planing to be vegan so plz STOP asking ppl like sssniperwolf/Lia to be vegan tysm for listening

  5. That Vegan Teacher is literally crazy she thinks she has this full authority to claim that this person is good because she/he is a vegan and this person is bad because this person is eating meat crazy 😅

  6. This woman never heard of something called a “Nursery Rhyme”

    Also the vegan teacher just assumed the sheep’s gender >:0

    “L a s s u u”

  7. Why would she even make that video if you’re trying to turn vegan like really I eat meat all the time so what I’m eating because I really care leave me alone I’ll just figure teacher

  8. Maybe vegan teacher wants to rule the world👁👄👁 and give everyone vegetables 🍏🥝🥑🍆🥕🥦

  9. Vegan teacher: don’t take any things from living being’s
    Me: why do you breathe that is not your oxygen it is plant propriety 🤣

  10. You can be vegan because you don’t like abuse to animals but keep it to your self and if your vegan or not still no difference

    1. If everyone followed this logic nothing would ever change for the better.
      e.g. if you don’t like slavery just don’t own slaves and keep it to yourself

  11. I think if vegan woman was in the old days like when there where kings or emperor’s ruling this old hag would have been ded

    Just my opinion 😀😅

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