Are we broken up for real? (INSANE TRAVEL WEEK)

Hello Tangerineys from Querétaro. If we look a 
little worse for the wear it’s because for the  

past like let’s say two and a half days we were 
participating in what can maybe be described as an  

extravagant elaborate mexican rager. A three-day 
birthday party. Three-day birthday party. And we  

wanted to show you some of the festivities because 
we did a little bit of recording while we were  

there and i think you’re going to want to see it. 
We first made the drive to the small town of San  

José Iturbide in the state of Guanajuato and got 
settled into our friend’s hotel called El Diezmo.  

From there we drove to the party located on a 
gorgeous property nestled away behind a modest  

unassuming pueblito. Before getting inside we 
encountered two security checkpoints to ensure  

we were on the guest list. From there we walked 
into this breathtaking property. We had no idea  

what to expect exactly but this party was over the 
top awesome! All guests were seated underneath big  

canopies and lavish decorations. It all faced a 
stage with live music, more on that in a minute.  

It ended up raining pretty hard that day but 
thanks to those canopies it didn’t ruin the party.  

The servers made sure that our drinks were 
never empty. I usually went with Don Julio  

70 tequila or Black Label whiskey. By 
the end of the night our friends were  

making fun of me because i was drinking 
whiskey and using tequila as a chaser.  

We were then served a three-course meal 
followed by them setting up a legit  

Mexican taco stand for drunk food later in the 
night. We forgot to show you the food because the  

servers were very quick with the drinks. There 
were several different outstanding performers.

[Mariachi band playing]

Including the very well-known Maribel 
Guardia who was a movie star back in the day.

And today any Mexican will tell you that she’s  

super famous for looking way 
younger than her actual age

After the party, we were driven back 
to the hotel where we spent the night.  

And after a great breakfast at El Diezmo Hotel 
we went to a nearby ranch where we played some  

paddle and swam in the natural thermal waters 
of their pool and quickly got very sunburnt 

despite applying sunscreen repeatedly. I 
swear this Queretaro sun is no joke.  

After having a feast at the ranch we then 
went back to the hacienda-style property for  

day two of the party. When we arrived I was shocked 
to find that they had taken the time to completely  

change the decorations of the entire party! This 
was no small task. Once again, we were fed a tasty  

meal and were never left without a drink in our 
hand. I swear, the number of times people cheers  

in mexico is just a conspiracy to get everyone 
drunk. On day two we enjoyed some amazing singing!

And then Andreas Zanetti who is a 
comedian and piano playing performer.

[Playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”]

[Playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen]

[Playing “Soy Celayeño Con Gusto”]

Believe it or not there was 
actually a third day to this party  

and although we wanted to go back we were just 
completely exhausted, totally dead, and did not  

have it in us. We went back and slept for basically 
the next two days straight. So after all those fun  

shenanigans really the only thing i can think 
of to do is hit the gym to sweat out all of my  

sins. Maybe do a juice cleanse and hibernate for 
the next three days. But to start our workout  

we always do warm ups. I go on the elliptical. And i usually warm up on the rowing machine. [Maddie singing] Row row row your boat, gently down the gym.

And then after we get nice and sweaty with a warm 
up then we can come and do a stretching routine.  

I don’t know what more to say 
about that other than, you know,  

stretching. It’s to help keep your muscles from 
getting damaged. Exactly, maintain flexibility, work  

out your past life traumas. By the way we’re at our 
gym called Seven Days Gold and they have a number  

of locations all across Queretaro and also in 
Morelia if we ever wanted to go and work out there.  

W here we’re at right now is really cool it’s like 
kind of on the roof, but it’s open air so we’ve  

got a nice breeze coming in and then also you can 
look out and see beautiful views of the city. But  

importantly, we’re in the shade because i cannot 
take any more sun on me, even through a shirt.  

It’s so painful to do anything right now with 
the sunburn. To have a backpack on, put my purse,  

this sports bra underneath here hurts like a pitch because 
it’s rubbing against all the skin. Can you see? Oh!  

It’s so bad! So bad! And this was with putting 
sunscreen on multiple times throughout the day.  

So don’t even be like “oh wow you really 
should have worn sunscreen don’t you think?”  

We did. We weren’t even in the sun that long. It’s just the sun in Queretaro here is so hot at this high  

elevation. It was fun though! The time at the pool 
was awesome! Yeah it was. The thermal waters and stuff really like  

soothed my soul. Well, it is back and bicep 
day for us so let’s get this party started.  

No, actually, let’s not get any parties started 
we did enough partying this week earlier.

Before i do this next exercise 
there’s a very important step

Otherwise how are you gonna see my muscles?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What is he doing? You can’t fully see 
his muscles, didn’t pull his shirt up.

Yeah this is too light. Okay.

Most important step according to Maddie. [Laughs] 
Oh also… Oh yeah my sunburn. You can see this sunburn.

So we did a little bit more free weights to 
finish off and then ended with a stretch.  

Something that’s different about gyms in Mexico is 
that they have trainers on the floor and like you  

don’t have to hire a personal trainer but if you 
need an exercise program, if you need to be shown  

how to do the machines, if you want to make sure 
you’re doing your exercises right, things like that.  

There’s always trainers on the floor to help you 
do those things. And is that everywhere in mexico  

or just here at seven days gold? I’m pretty 
sure it’s at like any higher end gym. Oh i  

didn’t know that was a mexico thing. I thought that 
was just something like a perk extra here so maybe  

you guys know if that’s all over mexico but that’s 
certainly not how it is in the US. I’m pretty sure  

yeah, we went to our like rinky-dink uh what 
do we call those, they are like ten dollars a month?  

Planet fitness. Planet fitness, we used to go to 
planet fitness. When we used to go there  

i’m pretty sure those employees just stand around 
and they’re there to give you pizza once a month.  

I also used to go to Lifetime Fitness 
and LA Fitness i think it was called  

and at all those you can hire a trainer but 
there aren’t trainers on the floor like ready  

to help you with things. Right, and you’re probably 
paying out the wazoo for those. Oh yeah!

Well we were actually going to head home because 
after the gym i obviously look like a hot ass mess.  

And I would prefer not to go out in public 
like this especially given what i’m wearing  

is just like gym clothes but the mood struck 
for pozole. I looked up a place and we found la  

auténtica pozolaeria. Right around the corner from 
the gym! Yeah right around the corner and it gets  

a 4.7 on google maps which is actually pretty 
darn high for… I don’t know, restaurants in Queretaro  

for some reason don’t get very high ratings on 
google maps people are just big critics here i  

guess. But we’re gonna go check it out because it’s 
thursday and thursday traditionally is for pozole.

Hello, good afternoon! Hello! I’m excited for some good pozole! Pozole is like chicken soup for the Mexican soul. 

[chuckles] I mean, come on, it is. It totally is. Agree with me jordan! 
Agree with me or they’re gonna think something’s wrong between us!

I’m ready. I’m ready also. I’ll have the green pozole with chicken, please.

Okay, medium or large? Large, please. Large. And we’d like pork rinds, cream, and avocado please.

Pork rinds, cream, and avocado? Yes please. Just one order of those.

And for me, a large green (pozole) with chicken, please. The same, okay.

To drink, can I offer you something? We have hibiscus water, sodas, limeade… Mineral water? Mineral water? Yes!

Very good. One for me too. Two mineral waters. Thank you. Perfect, I’ll bring them for you right away. Great.

The state of Guerrero trained us to 
only go to pozole on Thursdays but  

now here in Queretaro you can get it any day 
of the week. But we still only go on Thursdays. [Laughs]j

So typically they will bring you the soup, the 
pozole, with nothing on it except for, you know  

the meat or whatever you ordered, and then you 
can add radish, onion, lettuce, lime. One of the  

best if not the best part about it, chicharron. So good, so good! It’s so incomplete without pork rind.

It’s so good because it adds like a crunchiness and 
some more saltiness and then you could also  

dip tostadas in it. Or we also ordered 
cream but those are just additional options.

Do you like it? Yes.

It’s good. So i don’t know what all is in 
pozole, if you can help me out with this  

please do in the comments. But there’s 
these big pieces of corn. I forget what  

they’re called, do you remember? Maiz, no? I feel like 
they have another one. I mean, corn is “maiz” but… I feel like these  

big pieces of corn have another word in 
pozole. But then i also got some chicken

Did you mention the…

oregano? Oh yeah. I’ll leave you the avocado here. Thanks. You’re welcome.

You can also add oregano. This is something 
they typically bring out on the table for you.  

And then Maddie ordered avocado 
as well. Beautiful plate of avocado.

This is good. Really flavorful. It’s going to be so hard to beat Pozoleria Tia 

Felix that we had in Taxco because that was like… 
Oh my gosh! I think I died and went to heaven. This  

is right up there. The only problem is it’s a 
little bit on the toasty side today for Queretaro  

for the season, anyway. Compared to 
other days. And we were sweating at the gym and i’m  

sweating again because it’s a hot hot soup! [Laughs] It’s 
a whopping 77 degrees outside right now but it  

feels particularly hot in the sun especially 
with a sunburn. Wow! Wow! He just throws me under  

the bus but i was very careful about saying that 
it feels hot compared to the season, for the season,  

compared to other days recently. And we just went 
to the gym. And this is a hot soup. Get out of here  

Jordan. Get out of here with that. I feel like 
pozole is a perfect post-mexican party recovery  

food. And then on the side we just make a suero and 
you’re good to go! I’ll make a suero. Some salt.

If i can get any out. Or a lot of salt! [Laughs]

Lime juice.

Okay, and you have the Mexican hangover remedy. That’s in mineral water. Yes, in mineral water.

How’s that salted rim? [Laughs] If you’re coming to Mexico 
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Again that’s After Pozole I was 
like oh my gosh, I’m completely dead, I still really  

really need to recover from sleep from monday 
and tuesday. I mean two days you wouldn’t think  

would make me this tired but apparently they did. But two days of partying and then being out in the sun all day. And a sunburn.

It takes it out of you. So I took a nap, 
did some laundry, got all cleaned up.  

Now, look at this. Oh hey! We’re ready to 
go out the world! Nice black shirt. Oh  

yeah, we’re matching. Lovely. [Laughs] It’s like kind 
of a couple thing, don’t you think Jordan?

One of our friends here in Queretaro has his own 
cosmetics line. He manufactures, produces, markets  

his own line of cosmetics. And today they’re 
opening, with a partner, the very first store.  

The very first physical location called Derma & Beauty so that’s where we are right now.  

We were just participating in the 
ribbon cutting or we are here to  

witness the ribbon cutting of the 
grand opening of the story. Okay, and now I’m here with Graciela.

One of the partners of the store. There are 3, right? 3 partners?

That’s right. You, Farid, and your husband? And my husband, yes.

Very good. And this is the first store, right?

It’s the first store in a project with 200 stores coming in the future.

In the first phase, we have a project of 10 stores for this year.

Next year there will be 20 and then we’ll roll out the rest of the 200 stores.

Oh, how great! And why do you want (a store) in Juriquilla in Querétaro?

Well, we decided on Juriquilla for the first store because it’s our territory. We are “Juriquerences”

Oh, “Juriqurenses” I didn’t know that word. [laughs] Oh, no, I just made it up. I love it.

“Juriquiences” Well, I’ll try to teach it and find the word. But, well, it’s our home.

We have a lot of friends here. We know they will support our project and they’re going to help it grow.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. One more question, what clientele do you want for your store?

We have products to pamper everyone, all types of clients including for men, there’s a selection of skin care products.

We have some special makeup services. If it’s your wedding, when you go to get married, you can come to us to plan

the service to come do makeup for your all your guests. We are covering many services and taking care of all ages.

Including boys and girls, men and women. That’s great! And you have a lot of variety in the store too! There’s a lot! That’s right.

And we’ll continue looking for things in the market and attractive things to bring people in. Today in Juriquilla, and later, in all of Mexico.

Wow! Well, I don’t have much makeup, but I need to buy everything in the store. [laughs] Exactly!

We’ll do a before and after with Maddie with a makeover so you can see the things we can do!

And sorry about the interruption, it’s that they brought us more tequila. [Laughs]

That’s what you said “ay no!” That’s the reason why they’re here. For the tequila. [Laughs]

We’ve already drank too much this week! It’s the week of tequila for you guys! [Laughter]

Very well. Thank you so much, Graciela! And thank you both!

I’m using my finger like I said but you can use a sponge.

Or you can use a brush.

Any brush for this. Okay. Yeah, that looks really nice! It’s natural, I love it!

So they have a makeup artist here today and she 
was helping me pick out a concealer – Moira and  

so i’m going to get this one. It’s 400 pesos 
and it looks really nice! Blends in super well.

Hi Farid, how are you? Welcome, my friend! Tell me about your brand.

The brand is 25 years old and it’s popular in the market. Those sold here are of high quality at a very affordable price.

Here is one of the things we sell the most, this brand.

And KJ? KJ. There are various brands, one is called KJ. It’s very well known. Very well known.

The balloons. “Me too! Me too in the video!” And this is “Exactico”.

This is a very big seller. When we had the idea to open a store.

We wanted it to have the image and feel of Sephora. And “prestige” brands.

And where you can find Patrick Starr, Bobbi Brown, Mac, and all those.

We decided we wanted a lot of alternative brands. New brands, that are very good, but they don’t have much marketing.

Those that are recommended by word of mouth.

Where do you sell these? That, my brand, there are many ways of selling it.

Those that have a thousand places to sell it. For example, Farmacias Del Ahorro. Okay.

And then there are those that sell wholesale who sell it to various stores.

Or to people who will then resell it. Is it only (sold) in Mexico? And Colombia, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

Where do you manufacture them? Querétaro. Queretaro.

Well, I hope you have a lot of success. Thanks a lot for showing us. Thanks a million! Thanks a million!

I think that was really cool that we got to 
participate in that grand opening. I’ve been  

to a number of them in the US, but i think that was 
actually my first that i’ve ever been to in mexico.  

So that was really awesome. And it’s cool that 
it’s a couple of our friends doing it. Yeah!  

And now we’re headed probably the 
coolest street… Where am i going here?  

Um okay i think i’m going this way. Hang on. What’s happening on the road is very confusing.

Okay this doesn’t look too confusing but it was 
confusing before. Okay, what are you doing? Oh my.  

We are going to what might be the most awesome 
street food in mexico. I mean, maybe in mexico,  

but I meant in Queretaro. [Laughs] And i’ll give you 
a hint. It’s my favorite street food but this  

might be my favorite of this street food. So we’ll 
just we’ll just get there and show you what it is.  

So we’re pulling up here and we parked, and Jordan 
curb checks. And i’m like ah Jordan! He’s like  

“don’t worry (no te preocupes)” I’m like you want to know what’s “no te preocupes”? What his rims look like on his car  

back in Phoenix. They were scraped up 
all over the place. Like okay, your rims were “no  

te preocupes” I’m worrying about my car! The only 
reason why my rims were ever scraped up Maddie  

was because my rims stuck out further than 
my wheels whereas on most cars the wheels  

stick out further. So anytime you go up 
against anything in that car it’d scrape them.  

I think the reason that your rims 
look like that is because you had  

no spatial awareness as to where 
your wheels and the curbs were!

But we have arrived. We are outside of, or i think 
i believe it’s kind of Zona Centro? Is that  

right? We’re in Zona Centro. Zona Centro, okay. Let’s go. So 
after that little spat i feel like is the perfect  

time to bring up this topic. Yes, we are still 
broken up but as we said in our breakup video  

we are good friends and we want to continue 
making videos together when we can. When we  

feel like we’re not going to bite each other’s 
heads off or something. We’re not in a bad mood.  

But as we mentioned in that video the reason 
we broke up is because one of us wants kids  

and the other one doesn’t. The rest of our 
relationship or the rest of our friendship  

was virtually perfect i would say as far as a 
relationship could be. So yes that was not a ploy  

to get more views, we are actually broken up. And you say that because we’ve gotten quite a  

few comments to that extent. Yeah we’ve gotten a lot of comments. “Was this 
just ploy to get more views?” Like are you kidding me? Get the hell out of here?

“Looks like your channel is going downhill, 
you must have done this as a publicity stunt.”  

it it pains me that anyone would 
think that i feel like we are…  

We try to be as honest as possible no matter what, 
even if it’s a tough subject. Like me getting an  

explant or the breakup. So no, this was nothing of 
the sort. Oh we’re almost here! So right now we just  

got in line and we’re in a line of about 20 people 
and we’ve been here before and so far this seems  

normal. But this is actually a sign all across 
Mexico that you know it’s going to be a great place  

if all the locals are there, if there’s a long 
line, or all the tables are filled up. And that  

is the case here. The line is building up behind us. Okay so i’m going to reveal this esquites place!  

It’s esquites but it has all these flavors 
you can get chipotle with bacon, you can get

i forget all these… I’m forgetting 
all these in English. Shrimp with guajillo. Garlic. You  

can get what i’m gonna get bone marrow, “tuétano”. On this side where you order you can also add  

additional salsas, additional toppings, but they 
put most of your typical stuff like mayo, cheese,  

all of their varieties of salsa that they have. 
Oh boy! This is like the disneyland of esquites

Hello, good afternoon! I’d like a large with half garlic and half bone marrow please.

Mayonnaise and cheese? Yes, just a little mayo, please. Should I put mayo and queso in the middle or just on top?

In the middle, please. Shall I add a sauce? Yes, “traditional” please.

Oh! It’s almost ready! Anything else? Thank you! You’re welcome.

A large cup of esquites with bone marrow, please. All bone marrow? Yes, please.

The same with mayonnaise and cheese? With everything, yes.

so this is something you normally don’t see at 
esquites places either. Along with all the  

flavors, you can choose whatever toppings you 
want, and just put them on after you get your  

esquites. And they also put a piece of elote on 
top of esquites. So you get a little hybrid experience. [Laughs]

Oh, you got a runner! [Laughs]

There’s hardly any room for more on there! Perfect! You think you got enough on there, Jordan? [Laughs]

How much? 80 please. Look at all of this!!

We both got this, tuétano. But at 
first this tuétano, bone marrow, i think before  

coming to mexico i would have thought that 
this was like a gross flavor to get. A flavor?  

A gross like… i don’t know… Bone marrow sounds 
very exotic but now i’m like oh yeah i have  

tongue tacos and bone marrow esquites what next? 
Brain? Eyeball? Yeah bring it on! Sort of, maybe.  

No don’t bring it on. I don’t know. Eyeball 
no. You want some brain though? Sesos. Tacos de sesos. I’m not there yet. I don’t know, maybe?

I have not seen a more popular street food place 
than this in queretaro. Well, I don’t know, as  

far as esquites, are there ever lines like this? Actually the only one that i remember that was  

kind of like this was in tequisquiapan in jalisco. It’s now a pueblo mágico. Tequisquiapan isn’t it in jalisco. Oh no  

no what am i thinking of? Tlaquepaque! sorry it’s another long “T” name. Tlaquepaque sorry.

Tequisquiapan is a pueblo mágico. But Tlaquepaque in jalisco. Those were some 
good esquites! I think that’s where my love of  

esquites was actually born! It actually was born there but they did not have all these flavors  

like they do here. No oh my gosh. But here’s the 
problem it’s so… It’s like overflowing  

they don’t skimp on these esquites or 
the cheese. There’s mayonnaise and lime in there.  

So it’s good they put a bag because as you can see 
it’s like all the juices and stuff are dripping  

out of here. This is not really an eat-in-the-car 
kind of food wouldn’t you say Jordan?

[laughs] No te preocupes, we can eat it in the car!

So we each got a large. They were 40 pesos 
a piece. This is very weird we’re just  

kneeling on the sidewalk but we don’t 
have enough hands to hold the camera  

and eat so mmm!! We’re setting 
you on a little ledge here.

Best two dollars I ever spent. [Laughter] Well, if you’re 
eating breakfast now, lunch, dinner, whatever it is… Provechito!!

[Laughs] Provecho! Or cheers! Salud! [Laughs]

so we parked right here about a 
block away from that esquites joint  

and i have to say if i lived 
right here i’d be so fat right now  

on the screen here is a playlist of all the videos 
that we’ve made here in Querétaro and i really  

love that we can have days like this and i 
hope that we can release more videos like  

this showing like daily life. So please subscribe 
to our channel to see those and one more thing…

Gong that bell! So you get notified the next time  

we release a new video on saturday 
morning and we will see you there.

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    I know I sound negative, but Im trying to prevent you guys from torturing yourselves with this B/U non B/U thang. You know what I mean?
    p.s stop sharing your personal business. It’s gonna backfire on you big time and you’ll lose more subscribers.

  5. When you really love person you always meet in the middle !!! He wants kids and you don’t !!! My suggestion give it sometime things might change . Keep loving eatchother and grow together and one day she might surprise you !!!! Trust me when you really love someone it always works out !!!!

  6. nunca habia sabido de alguin que comieran posole despues de salir de un gimnacio, me recuerda a personas que piden 10 tacos y de tomar una coca light.

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