A Week In My Life | Gym workout, Cooking My Favourite Ramen Meal, Birthday at the IVY

OBi: “You enjoying yourself”?!

Cam: “this is me working ”

OBI: “Working hard are we Cam” ?!

OBI: “Whats this workout called” ?

Cam: “erm tan line for time”

So this week decided to come to Richmond 
Park and as you can hear the noise of nature  

and just greenery and the sky is blue and the 
weather is perfect and just enjoy a few laps,  

Well I say a few laps but two laps.
The hills have killed me…

i’m not used to doing the hills so much, but 
yeah once a week this is what I love doing. 

Like i mentioned in my other video cycling is 
just something that helps clear my mind and I  

feel great afterwards and it just helps 
me stop overthinking and just enjoy  

the session, enjoy the cycling…so yeah 
absolutely love coming down here it is very far,  

it’s 30 minutes to get here 
but it’s worth it I enjoy it. 

*whispering* Ok I’m going to steal this , this is so cool,

i want one of this in my house!

*singing Happy Birthday to Malin*

OBI “its Sophie’s turn now to give us a Fun Fact” 

Josie “Err it’s Josie by the way ”

OBI “Oh is it?! Sorry, sorry Josie” 

Josie” Anyway Tues fun fact for you today, 

Sunflowers when they need their energy or their happiness from the sun they face the sun,

but when there’s no sun they face each other…

like “you alright sun”?!

How cute is that?! 

So you are my sunshine today OBi because there is no sun.

OBI “aww thats so nice”

9 thoughts on “A Week In My Life | Gym workout, Cooking My Favourite Ramen Meal, Birthday at the IVY

  1. Yeah Bro. Very nuce. But what else do you do for living besides goung to the gym and looking after your body. Is that all? For real. Damn bro.b

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