Push Through Mental Barriers | Keone Pearson Back Workout Motivation

– So annoyed bro.

This is a shitty workout.

I have to come back and
film this shit later bro.

It’s just terrible.

What up Muscle & Strength, it’s
IFBB Pro 212 Keone Pearson.

And we’re at Destination
Dallas, my new home.

Today we got back day today you guys.

I’m going to show you how
to build a big, strong,

thick back.

You can never have a too big of a back,

especially in the pro league.

So I’m going to show you guys
what we doing, so let’s go.

(dramatic music)

The first exercise, we’re
going to with lat pull down

just so we can actually open up the lats

really, really good.

Always like to open up
before I do any type

of rows or anything, so lat
pull down, let’s get it.

I’m gonna warm up, get a few reps.

(dramatic music)

I really like this grip here.

I feel like you just get
a better contraction.

It feels better.

It’s just a very smooth
movement, I like it a lot.

(dramatic music)

The way I train back, go all in,

I train that with every
other muscle group.

So, um, but, but they say back wins shows.

I don’t believe that.

Symmetry, shape, flow, condition
wins shows, not just back.

I hate when people would
be like back wins shows,

and they got like several
lacking body parts.

You’re not going to win no fucking show

so stop thinking that.

(dramatic music)

Second exercise, we’re
going to do barbell rows.

Smith machine.

Pretty warmed up now, so
we’re going to get it.

(dramatic music)

So annoyed bro.

This is a shitty workout.

I have to come back and
film this shit later bro.

It’s just terrible.

(dramatic music)

I have a show to win you guys.

When you’re just trying to do good man

and trying to better
yourself, you can’t quit.

That’s just the whole purpose of it.

So, I mean, I didn’t let myself quit.

I thought about going later
on and finish my workout,

but I was like, I’m already here.

I need to go ahead and finish it.

You know, my competition,
they done with their workout.

They’re killing it, they’re
probably chilling, they on time.

So I have no time to waste.

I guess time that I can’t get back.

So, you know, for me, I
just had to finish it,

and I had a good pump I can say.

(dramatic music)

Got to win baby.

First place or fucking last.

(dramatic music)

Third exercise was chest support rows.

One of my favorite exercises,

especially when you want
to focus on that thickness.

That’s what helped me
throughout my 212 transition.

What classes the 212, a lot of rows,

and that was one of them
that I incorporated a lot.

And also you guys seen, I did
do drop sets at the end too

for a good burnout, good pump.

(dramatic music)


Come on you mother…

I had to wake them up for a second.

Had to wake them up.

Had to wake them up.

Yeah baby, yeah.

(dramatic music)

One thing about these I like,

I like to over-exaggerate the
stretch on these right here.

See some people do half,

but I think the more
farther you stretch up,

almost like you’re trying to lean forward,

the more you actually focus
on that stretch on the lats.

Crazy pump, crazy growth.

The bigger your lats
are, the more you can get

the actual like the X-frame.

I think the two key body parts
that have like that freaky,

the X-factor, is shoulders and back.

The wider you are, the more
illusion everything else

looks bigger and your waist looks smaller.

So a little fun tip for
anybody that didn’t know that.

(dramatic music)

Yup, yup, yup, yup.

Something like that.

(dramatic music)

Low cable rows.

Great variation for the lower lat.

It all depends on how you pull.

You can pull it low to your belly button,

or you can pull a little
bit over your belly button

when you can actually hit
like the middle of your back.

It’s up to your preference.

I like to kind of go in
between, so let’s go.


I don’t change my training for shit.

I got the same mentality in
the gym is to get better,

get stronger, and make
sure I have good workouts.

Every day is not going to
be a great workout you guys.

You guys got to see the
reality in this video.

It wasn’t the best workout
for me, but I got it done.

And I hope you guys
learned something from it

because at the end of
the day, you don’t quit.

No matter how hard it is.

If you feel like crap, you don’t quit.

Hope you guys learned
something from this video.

This is reality right here.

It ain’t all roses and
smiley faces and shit.

This is real.

(dramatic music)

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  1. Having shit workouts suck and sometimes I already know it’s going to be but once I’m done I feel good and mentally focused and strong knowing I still got through it.

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