47 thoughts on ““That Vegan Teacher” Be Like- 🤫😨

  1. in one of her Tiktoks she literally said if i could break into your house and force your to be vegan i would but unfortunately that’s illegal. Like WHAT DID SHE SAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  2. I be like : EHM EHM MISS GURL IT’S OUR CHOISE TO PICK TO BE VEGAN OR NOT LIKE QUEEN CALM DOWN If u stop being like ur are rn the we maybe like u after ALL thx😃👍

  3. Vegan teacher is vegan and a Karen that a bet the vegan teacher is Karen sibling but she could move into the forest and never come back

  4. shes always talking about being speciesist when *animals are spiders too* 🥺🕷🙏🙏

    *why kill one but love the other?????* 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  5. OMG THIS GIRL GIVES VEGANS A BAD REPUTATION WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT ((I am dying inside from watching that xDD))
    This is just a Karen and a vegan hybrid xD
    I tis vegan but we are not ALL KAREN PLEASE BELEVIE ME/US

  6. i’m vegetarian bc my whole family is and it’s kinda apart of my culture ig, and i remember people saying i’m like the vegan teacher- they’re literally that stupid to not even try to understand the difference lmao😭😂

    and plus that vegan teacher is just some random weirdo, and all vegans aren’t like that😂

  7. I mean theres not any problem with eating meat because the animals are already dead instead of blaming the people who eat it she should blame the farmers

  8. Hey, I think wise fox took inspiration from RYANCOMEDY because he also did the vegan teacher scared of a spider BUT the title of HIS vid is ( I can’t tell EXACTLY) “What if that vegan teacher taught you” … Sooo yeah (BTW no offense to Wise fox)

  9. so at the beginning of the video this ad came-
    *so this is what a humane turkey farm looks like.. end this abuse!*

  10. I’m glad us Gachatubers have been hidden

    Because if she came into anime and Gacha stuff

    Rip Vegetable Karen because we’re gonna start a war all of us against her

    I support vegans but she’s forcing people + she homophobic and racist

    she is the worst plz don’t like her plz😥😕💀💀

  12. “You are a animal murderer, I’m gonna call the police and your going to jail”

    Teacher: “kills spider”

  13. Vegan teacher: Don’t eat animals or your a monster!
    Also vegan teacher: *can kill a spider*
    Logic: *A spider is still an animal.*

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