52 thoughts on “What I eat in a day as a NEW vegan

  1. The first half of what she was eating was all sugar and carbs not the best thing to eat specially for a vegan

  2. You can’t go vegan for a week as veganism is a philosophical principle. Not a diet. You ate a plant based diet for a week.

  3. All that effort and you use a microwave??? Please do some research on microwaves and what it does to your food… and because you are what you eat therefore what the microwave is doing to your cells… I know it’s quick and easy but it’s not worth it…

  4. Please say “plant based diet” or “vegan diet”, being a vegan is a lifestyle & we love when people eat plant based but please respect us vegans who made this a life choice. ❤

  5. *person goes vegan and uses the microwave occasionally*
    Wannabe YT Health Experts: oMg hOw cAn yOU SaY thATs hEaLtHy aFtEr UsINg thE MicrOwAVe?

    As if most of us don’t use microwaves to heat up our food on most days.

    Y’all just look for anything to criticize lol. I feel like most people who make comments like that are for some reason while-heartedly offended by veganism when veganism has done absolutely nothing to them lol. Not your cup of tea? Fine. Keep scrolling.

  6. She’s all cooking all of her meals homemade and stuff and I’m just heating up some hot pockets if something

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