10 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day TRAVEL VLOG!

    Sooooo good to be back doing travel foodie vlogs!! Hope you enjoy it, apologies for any names of food I defo mispronounce haha!
    Tell me… if you were eating breakfast with me here, what item would be your NUMBER 1 go to?!?!!!!!!
    PS. STAY NUTTY MY FRIENDSSS (the baklava distracted me from saying it!!!!!!) madness!

  2. Just starting watching. OMG I can’t believe the amount of food your consuming and still looks fabulous, healthy and happy. How do you do it?
    Your villa looked amazing and views were spectacular, the food looked plenty good as well. That bakery shop, yum. I would have felt sick after 2 cakes and put on about half a stone 🙃 😩 your obviously loving life. You must work out a lot x

  3. In Love with Greece. This summer we were in Zakynthos and it was incredible. Enjoyed your video and can’t wait for another one 😊 #doughnuts

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