Life in London Vlog | Gym workouts, Great Food, Travel Plans & Setting new Goals!

hello everyone that workout was Brutal!! I know 
I say all the time but it was.. I used 40 kg for  

that complex the first time of I’ve used 40 kg,
it was supposed to be every three minutes  

I had to change that. Yes I’m outside 
it’s miserable today uh just to cool down,  

can you believe it’s November already?! How 
crazy is that but I am excited finally I have  

booked a holiday mid-November I cannot wait so 
touchwood ..touchwood fingers crossed touchwood  

it all goes ahead hopefully I 
should be away from mid November. 

Filming outside a nightmare, 
but hopefully it should be  

mid-November I can’t wait I need a break 
but yeah feeling good feeling better

Uh actually while I’m here I’m here go and 
watch a show called my Name on Netflix it is  

awesome and also another show on HBO called 
succession …succession, I can’t speak. I love  

that show check that out as well it is awesome 
10 out of 10 but my name is awesome as well,  

its a Korean TV show of course but yeah if you’re 
watching this hope you’re doing well! I’m just  

resting before I have to do part two.. actually 
let me go back in it’s going to rain again.

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10 thoughts on “Life in London Vlog | Gym workouts, Great Food, Travel Plans & Setting new Goals!

  1. me encantan todos los videos de obi me encanta su estilo de vida y me inspira a ser mejor persona como el

  2. Trench coat fit 🔥 Happy belated 🎂 to strong gal Cam. She was moving those weights. Your circle is so vibrant. Thanks for another great video

  3. I would live to see more if an in-depth video of how you manage your finances!you seem very responsible and knowledgeable about money and I’m sure I (and a lot of other people) could benefit from this!🙏💜 🤗

  4. Obi man I just can’t wait for the next vlog. They are so relaxing and for me interesting. Love your work man, keep it going! You inspire me to do some of the stuff you are doing. Thank you! Much love from Bulgaria

  5. Really look forward to the videos each week the insights into your life and routine. Keep it up 🙏

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