54 thoughts on “5 easy BREAKFAST oatmeal recipes » vegan + wholesome

  1. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and cozy holiday season from all of us here at PUL! ☃️ Thanks so much for being here with us this year, and we can’t wait to cook up a storm with you again in 2022 – exciting things are coming! ✨

    1. Plz share your new bullet journal for 2022… I knw a video already exists and I have personally watched it so many times but I am really in love with your bullet journal method so simple and so beautiful Ma’am. Love u Sadia❤

    2. Could you maybe make a video about your pots and pans? Mine are more than ready to get replaced and I‘d love to hear your opinion about the lovely ones you use 😊 Merry Christmas and best wishes from Germany! Love all of your work 🥰

  2. Same to you n your loved one’s
    Amazing creativity with a healthy note
    Thank you Sadia
    Take care
    Be safe
    Love from SA

  3. I have always been a fan of your channel, and can I suggest if you can make vegan dishes for the holidays, like for Christmas and new year. Happy holidays by the way

  4. Thank you for the recipes! I have never tried savory oatmeal yet, but I think it’s time to! Happy Holidays!🌲🎉🎁

  5. Ohhhh…I can’t wait to make the Gingerbread one! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Holidays to you and all those you love, Sadia!

  6. I’m currently struggling with food selectivity and your content is very helpful. Your recipes are beautifully plated and watching your videos makes me want to eat something new ❤️

  7. So grateful for all of your hard work that you put into your recipes, video, and content. Keep up the great work Sadia and the PUL team and wishing you a wonderful holiday season 🎉🎄

  8. Omg I love all of them but will be making the gingerbread and caramelized pears next week. Thank you for the ideas for boosting the calcium in my breakfast. I’ve been struggling with getting enough each day.

  9. I would love to see more gluten and lactose free recipes with foods containing soluble type of fibre please? 😁

  10. Thanks for all of the great recipes and videos that you have shared over the years! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! 🙂

  11. I am a newly diagnosed T2 diabetic. Your site is not diabetic friendly, so to speak. This makes me sad as I loved watching but can’t make the majority of dishes or drinks.

  12. Hi Sadia. I belong to India. I’m really fascinated by your channel. Every healthy dish of yours. Can you recommend any book on Nutrition?

  13. These all look delicious thanks for the great inspo! Do you reckon you could meal prep the blueberry/banana one? Would it keep in a sealed contained for a few days in the fridge?

  14. As per your comment of savory oatmeal – it’s great. It’s not plant based (or vegan for that matter) but I do oatmeal in chicken broth all the time with korean red pepper paste. As I evolve more and more plant based, I am looking for oatmeal recipes. . .savory and meat taste are kind of intertwined (not synonomous) but soy sauce and miso fall into savory so I appreciate rethinking this.

  15. Happy holidays! And I watched pretty much every video and yet I haven’t cooked one lol it’s going to be on my list for 2022

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