1. did I just witness a VEGETARIAN MURDER A DOG ?? doesn’t that contradict the whole concept of vegetarianism

  2. 🥰 Jesus is King for ever and ever. Dont forget it, becuase its always going to be true. You get two choices onto how to live your life, with Jesus or with out Jesus. You have to pick there’s no avoiding it. So figure it out, to be with a holy and kind God, Or go with something else. Your free will, you free choice. Make one. 🥰

  3. I am an acting student who just barely got into middle school and even i know that acting is below sub par. Also can we talk about how stacy is spelled different each time in the captions? pick a spelling. Not only that, I think because this is a knock off dhar mann they couldn’t afford to pay those actors (probably failed acting students at best, or random strangers off the street) anymore so that’s why they showed those happy clips. and why did they say until they turned 90? that’s oddly specific

  4. lil bro got up and decided he’s drink gonna drink bleach like damn i thought the plunger was the worst part but nah fam

  5. That video is so dangerous. how he just casually drinks bleach. I really hope no one watches it and thinks that is not lethal.

  6. Blue is the opposite of yellow. It’s supposed to be a happy color.. these videos do not make me happy Sameer.

  7. Tbh I don’t care if your vegan or whatever religion you have like its your life as long as your doing your thing I’ll do mines but this is just nasty

  8. Even tho I’m not vegan, I’ve been forced to eat something I didn’t like. Forced to eat in general by my family, and not because I have an ED, which is still not ok. Just because they felt like it. It was horrible.

  9. 10:29
    wtf this scence remind me of Ace ventura Pet detective when he found out the girl he fucked was a man- then he started doing the same thing the actor did in the video- HAHAHHAHhAHa-

    ok but the forcing to eat the meat thing was so fucked up-

  10. My only question is how tf was he still alive after drinking bleach? Let alone live until he was 90???

  11. I want a shout-out but I don’t know how to get one but you make amazing videos and I hope you get verified on all social media platforms. ✨💗✨

  12. That’s to much but it’s true and sad my friend doesn’t like bananas and she was forced to eat bananas until she likes them. I never understand how someone could force you not everyone lucky

  13. This can’t be staged not if he drinking bleach what producer pays his actors to drink that ? If he is acting more likely it’s been cleaned out and replace with something else

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