9 thoughts on “Parents Vs. Fitness Lifestyle 🤬#shorts

  1. Typical crabs in a bucket, sadly even family and those who claim to love you will try and dissuade you from getting in shape because it reinforces the point that in almost all cases, being fat and unhealthy (as it relates to poor diet and lack of exercise) is a choice…

    And god forbid they have to put in the effort to make the healthy changes you do. Much easier to blame genetics and everyone else than be proven that you can be healthy with a bit of work

  2. Hey Justin this isn’t really a gym question but how have you managed the work that comes with a CS major workload and dieting/sleep. I’m a high school senior about to start up my second semester also do you recommend CS as a college route I’m planning to go into it. A response would be a pretty chad thing to do (insert giga chad smiling).

  3. Obviously don’t take “progression pictures” when your parents can’t see it. That’s just super cringe..

  4. Bro my dad works out but still shits on me for using protein and creatine and doing certain workouts and taking progress pics

  5. dude right after hs i wanted to be a fitness instructor but my mom told me “get real, and get a real job” crushed me and i’m still recovering from that. that was bacc in 2017

  6. Some ppl will feel insecure or threatened, and so they will subconciously/unconciously tease you again to unconsciously protect them from feeling insecure about their own diet and lifestyle. At work it was my obese boss and coworker teasing me for my diet.

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